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Sket Dance: Super Best Album - The Music Dance -

A 5-CD set of Sket Dance? Sign me up!

Warning: image-heavy post ahoy!

Item Info:

Sket Dance: Super Best Album – The Music Dance –
Avex Entertainment (Avex Marketing)
Release Date: December 25, 2013
MSRP: ¥5,800


Sket Dance: Super Best Album – The Music Dance – is a 5 CD set repacking the following albums in slimline cases:

  • Shudaikashu (Main Theme Song): The Best Dance
  • Kyarason Album (Character Song Album): Kyratto Dansu (Charat Dance)
  • Kaimei Rock Festival
  • Original Soundtrack: Best Hit Kaimei
  • Character Song & Original Soundtrack: Saaya to Yukai na Ongaku Shuu (Saaya and the Delightful Compilation)

It also includes a mini-booklet with all the lyrics.



The outside art is very simple. Just the Sket Dan’s mascot icon against a white background. The sides are the same, except the icon is black instead of red. Well, I guess since this is a budget release, they went with a very simplistic design. Maybe the simplicity is supposed to give it a feel of being a deluxe edition?

The back is one large swirl with every single track listed. Wouldn’t it have just been as easy to list the albums and say how many tracks there are? It’s not too bad if you’re looking for a particular song, as depending on the song type, you will know which album to jump to.

The outside cover just slips over the CDs and booklet. It’s just that basic glossy cardboard a lot of media use. It’s a tight fit, so the CDs and booklet shouldn’t just fall out if you’re carrying it for some reason. However, with slimline cases, I wouldn’t put a lot of weight on this set.

Booklet is just a usual booklet. Each vocal song has a corresponding image relating to the track and then the lyrics. For group songs, the lyrics do not denote who is singing. A couple of other key art images are also scattered among the 30 pages. There’s a message from Shinohara as well.

Cover art is just as simple as the set cover. Open it up and the tracks are listed again. The CDs are relabeled with this set’s title, not their original album names.

The original album art is not included. There’s a page second from the end of the book that only has a little bit of text naming the producers and stuff, so they could have put the images in somewhere. I say that because The Best Dance‘s limited edition cover is cool.

Just to reiterate, the first CD contains the theme songs, the second character songs, the third is the Kaimei Rock Festival tracks, and the last two are OSTs, the second of which contains some Saaya songs. I noticed that the coupled with song for the Sket Rock CD, ダーリー! ダレルヤ! (“Darling! Dareruya!”) was not included. Most B tracks aren’t included in compilations, but considering this was a character song sung by the Himeko and other girls, I wish it was included on one of the CDs. I know this is a repackage, but it would have been a nice bonus track somewhere. There might be other Sket Dance songs missing, but if there are, I didn’t notice them.

Final Comments:

I wish more series did complete collections. (Complete as in all songs would be awesome, but at the very least, complete as in all albums packaged together.) I know Sket Dance is more music-inclined than the average anime since one of its best arcs was a music concert, but Avex didn’t even wait and release this as part of a 5th/10th anniversary or something. Why can’t more anime do this? I’d buy more CDs if companies offered more than just 4-track singles, and even more if I could just buy an all-in-one set like this.

If you’re a Sket Dance fan, you might want to track this down, but Avex is pretty strict about importing. There are still several places that still have this set available, but your options are more narrow than the average Japanese CD.

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    I think companies like to break things up into many CDs to make more money. Ironically they probably lose sales because buyers feel that four tracks on a disc is a con. I am certain there are others like you would purchase more if things came out in complete collections.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      You’d think after a couple years, they could make more money with a full CD with like maybe a bonus track or something. Just to show how different the markets are between Japan & elsewhere.


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