Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXVI

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

Since Cid is forced into the party, I decided to give Yuffie a break as well as Tifa.

OK, this is actually my second attempt. The first attempt was really boring to watch. Or frustrating if you’re playing. Here’s almost the exact play-by-play:

Enemy: Attack Red
Me: Heal Red
Enemy: Attack Red
Me: Heal Red
Enemy: Attack Red
Enemy: Stop Cid
Enemy: Kill Red*
Me: Revive Red*
*Repeat until Cloud is Stopped as well.

Yeah, you didn’t miss anything.

Tseng’s Limit is powerful, and that’s the main issue here. Although it was funny that Tseng injured himself.

Speed: 1.25x

This time around, I kept Cloud ready on defense in hopes he would take a lot of Tseng’s Limit Break hits. I left most of the fighting to Cid in the second half, but I guess I should have been a tad more aggressive since Tseng used it twice. I’m still mixed on Cid’s ability. It’s nice in regular fights, and it can be nice not having all Barriers run out at the same time. But All+Barrier is just not as effective if one already has it on him, and I often either have to wait for Cid’s to also run out or waste two turns to specially cast it on Cid. And I’m just used to Tifa’s one-time survival skill and Yuffie’s dodges.

Fortunately, unlike my first trip to Rocket Town, no game crashes. I wonder if in Remake the whole team is going into space. Otherwise, I wonder who the lucky #3 will be. I’m sure a lot of people will wish Yuffie or Cait Sith were “accidentally” left behind…

Got a Master Summon now, but I’ll try to avoid using it for now.

I should have brought Aerith to the Forgotten City for the dialogue. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Weapon fight!

Speed: 2.5x

There are basically two types of fights in this mod: status effects-heavy battles or high-damage battles. I came in expecting #1 and got #2. I thought about using Ultima spam, but that seemed a bit cheap. I did use Quad-Hydro though. Pearl Weapon did seem to be getting more powerful, so I probably would have started using Quad-Ultima and Mime it if he didn’t go down soon. I also thought he did a countdown before his Diamond Flash…?

*checks* Yep, another change. That also threw me a bit, especially the first time. It felt like he used it right after opening his plate. But his outside isn’t immune to attacks, so I guess it balances out. I didn’t realize the fight took so long. It didn’t feel that long while playing. Still, Diamond Weapon is always a fun fight.

Time for many player’s favorite part: the Raid on Midgar portion. Is it time for revenge on the Museum Curator?

KO KOunter: 84

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