Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXVII

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

The road to Shinra HQ is mostly the same.

First up, the Turks!

Speed: 1.25x

Ha ha, point and laugh. Poison and Confusion makes this fight a breeze even though they can Esuna bad status effects away. I had fun just watching them fall. But I should have just done Bad Breath then Mime it for the whole battle. That’s all you really need to do to win.

So, head to the end of the tunnel… and it’s a Sense Materia.

… At least it’s Mastered I guess…?

Died once to a random encounter. A couple of critical hits and Paralyze just before I could escape.

Shinra HQ… you know who has been waiting here for a long time. You’ve already seen his opening moves. And he’ll keep using those throughout the battle. Curator is a Carry Armor reskin, but he feels more like the original Carry Armor than the whatever-its-name was below Junon.

Some of his attacks:

*Damage + Sleep, Paralyze, Silence, Darkness, or Death Sentence
*Rockets to all
*Arm grab
*Arm attack

Also, each section seems to have its own ATB bar, so you can get hit multiple times. And if a character falls while being held, they are still out until you defeat the left arm. The left arm is the only part you can attack first, then the right arm, then the body.

If you are defeated (and that’s very likely), you just wake up right back in front of him. So you can keep challenging him without reloading or having to heal between battles.

Oddly enough, his attacks seem to have a weird hit%. It felt like never just one person got hit — it was usually everyone or no one. You can have openings where Curator’s shots just whiff or where everyone is pretty much down and out before you can do anything.  Sneak Attack kicks in after his first attack, so you can’t just immediately get Wall up before his first move.

Speed: 4x

First, I should have taken off Quad Magic. Too much wasted spell potential.

I put Cloud in the back to be a magic caster along with Yuffie. Tifa was always captured in my runthroughs, so don’t know if stuck RNG or if it had to do with third slot or because she’s in the front. Since no Ribbon, I put Added Effect-Hades in Yuffie’s armor along with a Jem Ring to prevent most negative status effects.

I tried to avoid relying on my Master Summon. (Mime I spam a lot already, but a lot of those are just Mimed Added Effect-Deathblows, which aren’t much different from my 2x Cut. Plus I could easily add that in my Materia combinations.) Here, however, I was getting bored. Leviathan just worked too well, especially with MP Absorb. Really wish I had a powerful Lightning attack in the vein of Flare, Hydro, etc.

Every round though, Yuffie was amazing. She dodges more than she gets hit, plus Cloud takes a lot of her hits thanks to Cover.

I kept trying to keep Wall up at the end, but the battle kept dragging, so I just went for it.

And yep, you read that right. 0 EXP, 0 AP, and the treasure chest inside holds… nothing!

I feel so trolled… I wasn’t going to count the losses, but I did fall, so I guess so. I should have just Mimed Knights of the Round…

On to the Proud Clod, a stupidly named Boss. He’s proud to be an idiot? No one in the translation team thought that sounded dumb — or could read katakana?

Speed: 3x

Again, this is my second attempt, but my first was basically the same. It was getting a little long. (Sheesh, this one was long enough.) I just brought along all my Elemental Materia that I’ve been raising to absorb the Fire & Ice attacks which start appearing late in the fight. (Cloud halved Ice.) Like Curator, this is a fight I should have lowered the battle speed to make Barrier last longer. I spent a lot of time keeping them up, but they do drain fast. I didn’t want this fight to descend into another Master Summon-Mime fight, but it probably was the best way. It’s pretty sad to see Ultima — even a Quad Ultima — do only 875 damage. MP is a premium in this fight as Clod can drain some of it away, and all the defensive spells can add up quickly. If I didn’t want to keep this at a “normal” run-through level, I would have just Mimed a Bahamut or KOTR.

Last Boss of the Raid: Hojo.

Speed: 2x

Man, I love this song.

Unlike Proud Clod, Hojo was a pushover. He didn’t really have any major tricks up his sleeves. His third form does shift between magic and attack invulnerability, but Tornado from my new Contain Materia wrecked him. I wanted to put Contain on Yuffie, but right now, that just lowers her HP too much.

A butt-load of EXP, AP, and Gil. And finally, a Ribbon! Tifa reached level 99. I’ve never leveled up a character to 99 before in VII, so that’s exciting.

Next, I’ll go through the North Cave to collect the treasures, and then to face all the Superbosses.

KO KOunter: 93

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  1. Lumi

    To this day, I still have no idea why they’re called Turks.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      It would maybe make sense if Turks was an acronym or a portmanteau or something. But yeah, a weird name considering they’re technically general affairs or something like that.

  2. Mallow

    Congrats on reaching 99 Krystal!!.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Thank you! ?

  3. tanteikid94

    love the bg music as well.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I agree, such a great soundtrack.


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