Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXVIII

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

As far as final dungeons go in the series, the Northern Cave isn’t too bad for most parties. Players doing a completely blind runthrough probably don’t have three Ribbon, Death Force, or Big Guard and may not encounter Movers, but these will quickly turn the tide in players’ favor. And Bad Breath of course. Ribbons here prevent all status effects, so stuff like Wall, Regen, and Haste won’t work either. Double-edged sword.

This time, however, I was not finding it a cakewalk — far from it actually. My goal was to get Trine and Deathcharge Enemy Skills. (Deathcharge deals heavy damage but fills Limit Gauges.) I had some of my lower level Materia equipped, and it was a very bad idea. Pretty much everything can wreck you in a flash with strong physical or magical attacks, eject characters, and all around nasty stuff. Probably the easiest enemy are those stone gargoyles that can be hit with Bad Breath. I also quickly realized I needed to stock up on items, so I ended up beating the heck out of there and filling up on Ethers and some other items after getting KO’d. I really wish this mod had some Mid/Hi-Ethers. Something between Ethers (which only fill 100 MP, not enough to even cast Renew) and rare Turbo Ethers.

For Deathcharge, the Coeurl reskins just bombard you with these fast attacks that can do easily do 4500 damage and can crit. (It might be based on their HP.) And I mean they’re FAST and come in groups of 3. Scary as heck. The best way to beat them seems to be with Manipulate and letting one of the three KO the others before attacking itself. I had to put it on Wait Mode for this (and later the Movers). Unfortunately, shortly after getting Deathcharge, I encountered a Joker-like enemy. They can use that instant KO/spasm ability like Reno way back in Gongaga. Cloud was hit right away, Tifa shortly thereafter, and that left Yuffie… to get hit by Stop then that World ability. Barely got a chance to move. After that, I decided that I had enough “fun” and just equipped Enemy Away and Sneak Attack-Exit. I’ll gather what I need now and fight later. I was sick of doing the opening screens.

Like most players, I usually go right then loop back around when the party splits to get the treasures duplicated. Since I had no idea what everyone would bring, I just kept my normal team.

Along the way, robed figures will block your way.

Amazing looking enemy by the way. Lots of Boss battles to be fought, so here’s straight to the end.

Well… that happened. So I decided to go on the all-out offensive, only for my house to lose power and have to redo it.

Unfortunately, it was only afterward that I realized I forgot to turn Wait off. Oops. Don’t think it would have made too much of a difference here with all the Mimed Breaks.

Looping around.

Speed: 2.5x

Yes, finally broke my rule and reduced this fight to KOTR Mime spam at the end. I thought he was almost dead and ready to power up, but he had more HP left than I was expecting. I was also waiting for a final attack like most Behemoths do, but he just faded away.

I’m also wishing Bad Breath wasn’t Poison elemental. If enemies absorb Poison — and a lot of them do — it will miss even if they’re susceptible to status effects. Hades is the same way.

Movers certainly move fast! Got KO’d by them, but finally got Trine. Wasted a whole lot of time trying to get them to cast it, and then I realized maybe it was a Limit counter like Magnitude8 for Dragons. A lot of enemies hate having Limits used on them (in fact, even early in the game in Shinra HQ), so you do need to be cautious when fighting a new enemy. I got my third Mime though, so now Tifa can join in all the Mime fun.

Speed: 2x

Another not-first attempt. First three!!! times forgot to go back to Recommended speed, and then I started fighting only to realize I had all my avoid enemy and junk Materia on. *headdesk*

Speed: 3x

I always avoid those Yang enemies in Shinra’s basement for two reasons: they’re pretty dangerous, and they take so long to do any attack. Otherwise, my biggest issue was Cloud’s Magic Counter going off exactly when I DIDN’T want to go off for Mime purposes. I also got no EXP or AP, so I wonder if I KO’d him with Pearl instead of defeating him normally. If I wasn’t going to get AP, I probably would have used some of my Elemental Materia to absorb the Sephiroth-side spells. I was also hoping for another Barrier Materia to have Wall, so casting MBarrier/Barrier in succession didn’t work out as well as I hoped. I thought maybe the two heads would have to be beaten together, but it was fine.

As for treasures, outside of Shield, most were duplicates. A couple of Mastered Added Effects were also there, so those will be put to good use. Then the Highwind calls and reminds Cloud of all the side quests, which I’ll head off to do now.

Also time to celebrate my 100th Game Over! Yay???

KO KOunter: 101

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