Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXXII

Final Fantasy VII

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Otherwise, let’s go!

So this is the bonus dungeon. And right off the bat, I had an awful time. The game kept crashing right at the start. I first assumed it was because I was entering with Tifa as the leader, but even switching to Cloud beforehand didn’t do anything. Finally had to experiment with my mods, and I guess my field characters mod was affecting it, and perhaps some other ones as well? Not sure, but I saw the first few lines more times than I can count.

There’s a little story to go with the dungeon. Cloud and company enter the cave (in the Coral Valley area, right after Sleeping Forest), and when he comes to, he and Barret find themselves at the train station in the opening scenes. So we have to go around different areas of Midgar to reunite with everyone. Plus, there’s this strange figure that appears, and people may cryptic comments like, “If he had a number, he’d be XIV.” Xion, anyone?? So a lot of it is straight out of the opening hours, just with different dialogue. As you gather everyone, they all hang out at AVALANCHE’s hideout, so it is neat to see Vincent, Cid, and all the rest there that you wouldn’t see in the normal game.

Says there’s a timer to destruction a la Reactor raids, but nothing. Meet up with Tifa right away, and guess who it is.

Pretty easy, although partway through I was like, “Perhaps I should be taking this more seriously? Am I going to get a rude awakening here right about now?”

Another easy battle. I put off the Dark Cave towards the very end because I thought it was going to be hard, but perhaps I should have done this earlier?

Climb the tower, hear some familiar sounds. Oh, look, it’s Nanaki and Vincent. Defeated a couple of Shinra troops, and…

This weird guy we’ve been seeing in this alternate Midgar appears:

Final Fantasy VII New Threat Strange Being 1

And then he becomes this:

Final Fantasy VII New Threat Strange Being 2And then we fight this, speed 1.5x:

Now, this fight was hard. Blobs of jelly with eyes >>>>> Shinra tech. (Yes, I know they’re based on Japanese mythology.)

First, I love these guest character battles. But man, can Red and Vincent really screw you over. As I found out, the blob alternates between immune to physical and immune to magical attacks. And why would we want Cloud to doublecast Ultima and Pearl when we can have Vincent jump in for a whole 757 damage??? That sort of stuff happened many times. Plus the blob can absorb HP and remove MP, and Barret had no magic. I guess the idea was to wait for Red or Vincent to use an attack and then have your best mage or fighter deliver the next blow, but remembering which I was supposed to be doing while also keeping up healing proved to be harder than I thought.

After that little weird hand thing, there’s a Materia, but it’s just Yuffie setting up one of her traps. She makes some hand puns, then you fight her (not worth showing), and she gives up her Mystery Ninja act. At least I have my preferred party back again. No offense Barret, but need someone who can actually use a bit of Magic along with Cloud.

Aerith is in her church, and I finally remembered to equip Cloud with Ultima Weapon so he can start doing some decent physical damage when needed.

Another Miniboss, speed 1.5x:

Corneo’s in his mansion and mentions there’s no escape from this Midgar. Wander around to the sewer for Cid, next to a weird car, who turns out to be…:

Times like this I wish there was an ultimate Lightning spell, like how Flare is for Fire.

I kept wandering around to find Cait Sith, and although I thought I had checked Honeybee Inn, I guess I looked at every door but the one he was in.The mini Cait Sith is there, and Cloud says something like, “Oh, well. One Cait Sith is as good as another, I guess.” Cait’s like, 🙁 but adds you need Keycards. Of course, there’s only one place for Keycards.

Let’s beat up a Hojo again! J-E-N-O-V-A, OH YEAH! Speed: 1.5x

Not hard, just annoying to wait for the ghost in charge to reappear.

Go to President Shinra, speed 1.5x.

Bet you can’t guess which attack threw me off! -_- Yes, even with a Ribbon, Fantasia will inflict Peerless, Confusion, and Dual. No way to prevent it, unless maybe you’re supposed to use Great Gospel maybe and inflict Peerless beforehand?

Or, you can do the “keep dying until it hits Yuffie because Conformer is amazing” strategy.

Uh, zombie Yuffie for the win? Was that supposed to happen?? Notice she was the only one standing there after the fight. But then everyone is immediately teleported out of the cave. Definitely a tough fight.

Kind of a weird dungeon. I think I would have preferred just a bunch of easily-accessible boss fights. I guess the game wants you to try a few fights with other party members, but you do that for their Level 4 Limits anyway.

Well, all that’s left is doing the WEAPON fights and then the end of the game.

KO KOunter: 125

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  1. dreager1

    You’re definitely getting closer and closer to the end of the game. It’s definitely been quite a journey that’s for sure. I never even scratched the surface of any of these bonus dungeons so they definitely look interesting. I would probably need a bunch of levels ups before diving into them though

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      This mod has been a fun way to revisit an old classic, plus count down until the Remake. Have to wait to see what surprises the ending will bring!

  2. The Otaku Judge

    Movies have taught me that the blob is weak to CO2. That or I suppose you could poke him in the eyes.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Vincent and Red would have more useful doing either of those than their actual “help” in the fights.


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