Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXXIII

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

OK, I lied. First, I forgot about Ozma, which Lamda Calcule mentioned a long, long time ago.

And the whole thing was a nightmare from start to finish.

First, the piano. Lamda Calcule mentioned the piano, but what do I play on the piano? I searched and searched for hints, and couldn’t find a thing. I jammed, and no luck. Well, I cheated, and you’re supposed to play the usual FFVII theme. Okay, no problem, right.

Remember this?

Final Fantasy VII Piano menuWell, while I had no problems with Tifa’s piano, whenever I hit Square/Switch, instead of a note, I got the cancel noise instead of a note. Huge problem. I play with a PS4 controller, and I absolutely could not get that note to play. Just hitting square like normal didn’t work either.

Okay, so I unplug and try my wireless keyboard. No go. I had to try to experiment as to what key goes with what note, and still no luck. I even tried to decode the song by matching it to the do/re/mi sounds. Might be easy for you musically-inclined people out there, but it was a struggle for me.

I ended up borrowing a wired keyboard, and this one had slightly different labels on the number pad. After process of elimination — a long process, by the way — huzzah! I got a notice that something had escaped. In my previous looking up for the song to play, I knew I had to go the reactor. Otherwise, I would have been searching Shinra Mansion for a looong time. So, off to the reactor. Tifa was leader, so Zangan was still there. There’s a hooded figure at the top, so I talked to him and…

Final Fantasy VII New Threat Dolphin TifaWAT.

Yes, Tifa transformed into a dolphin. Going in any direction takes you to the debug room. And there’s no way out short of restarting. It’s also really hard to see, but that big rock-like thing, as I discovered later, is what you actually want to interact with to start the Ozma fight. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that, as it’s easy to miss. Finally ended up having to put Cloud as leader and while you can still end up in the debug room, I could actually “talk” to the rock. I don’t know if Tifa-dolphin can’t or if it’s just very tricky to.

And then I ran into Issue #3. See if you can figure out what it is despite the 2.5x speed:

You might be tempted to mention Ozma’s tough — and he is — but there are not attack names. Just bopping, damage, bopping, nothing happens, bopping, damage to all, etc.

I fought him several times, and while it’s obvious he only counterattacks, WHAT does he counterattack with? I’ve beaten him in FFIX, so I assumed Holy and Meteor were part of his attacks. Again, I had to look it up, and yep, he is supposed to have named attacks. Just a glitch in my game I guess, but it made it hard to figure out any patterns or get in an attack even a couple of seconds sooner since I didn’t know what was happening until the damage/healing numbers showed up.

Issue #4 also seemed to be that the armlet that was supposed to nullify Holy attacks didn’t seem to be working on Cloud. Yuffie and Tifa I set up to absorb it, but I thought taking 0 damage would be fine for Cloud in place of using a Materia slot and getting the HP penalty. Either it actually halves it (which is still a lot of damage) or it was broken, as he was getting hit. Finally had to equip Elemental-Restore (which is Holy-elemental) since the armor wasn’t working.

I also had to have a character (chose Cloud since he has the highest HP) to have Wall up to try to stay alive all the time. Lots of Mega-Alls to spam healing, and Yuffie of course is the main attacker. Tifa’s W-Item became very important. I’ve been torn on whether to use the W-Item glitch, but I decide to use it very minimally. My goal was to avoid just spamming unlimited Megalixirs. As to whether I succeeded… well, you’ll see.

Speed: 2.5x

I like how I predicted Tifa would be the next one hit with MP drain. Otherwise, a close call at the end there.

And for all that struggle, I got… something. No idea what I got. Didn’t figure it out. Maybe I didn’t get anything? Was the game just giving me one final troll moment in this horrible, horrible fight?

Yes, this is a short one, but don’t worry. A Boss rush next episode.

KO KOunter: 133

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  1. tanteikid94

    I love to see you do this for the remake

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Glad you’re enjoying these! I probably won’t do this for FFVIIR though since the video files will be so much larger and my Internet upload speed isn’t that great. We’ll see though!

      1. tanteikid94

        Just the diary is fine. You can link the videos

  2. The Otaku Judge

    Sounds like playing the piano is tougher than beating a boss who hails from FF9. You are the master of visual novels and Final Fantasy, but I suspect musical games are not your thing 🙂

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I’m not just off-beat in personality, I’m off-beat in rhythm too!


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