Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXXIV

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

Before the WEAPONs, I decided just to look up to specific things as to not waste my time: whether I needed to kill off two party members for Ruby, and whether there was Aire Tam Stomp for Emerald. Both were good to go.

Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned this: Premium Heart was changed to use MP for the bonus instead of the Limit Gauge. So it’s definitely more useful, otherwise I’d use that Masamune.

So, Ruby first since the underwater area scares me.

Speed: 2.5x

Okie-dokie, the tentacles do not do percent based damage. By the second time, I discovered Break works well and to absorb Gravity. I don’t know if being weak to Earth makes perfect sense or is ironic — after all, he’s in the desert, but in the ground…?

Not too bad, so Emerald, here we go.

Okay, veteran players, who’s worse, Ruby or Emerald? It’s a hard debate, as while Ruby’s defenses are through the roof, he is also vulnerable to Paralysis. Emerald has less HP, but you most likely are limiting your Materia or making sure that you are using hit-all attacks.

Here, though, no doubt Carmine WEAPON is a lot more difficult.

I quickly learned I had too many Command Counter-Mimes equipped, as it turned into a match between Mime stuff and Revenge Stomps, and Carmine has the advantage in such a match. Leaving the eyes open starts a countdown to an attack based on your in-game clock, and I blew past the max time a long while ago.

I debated between 4xCut and Slash-All. I was tempted to put Mega-All on Tifa, so that Yuffie could Mime that when the eyes come out. I ended up putting Tifa on healing duty and instead tried to rely on Doublecasts of Ultima to take out the eyes, which Yuffie and/or Counter-Mime could be used to finish them off. It was risky, as Aerith would always fall to Revenge Stomp due to her low HP. Slash-All I figured would be riskier since Tifa couldn’t always be on standby with W-Item.

I also learned he goes into a Limit Mode where he starts using a water attack and a laser attack and can put up a Shield, so I did end up duplicating a few Holy Torches. I also put Yuffie’s Limit to All Creation in case of an eye emergency, but she never got it when the eyes were open. Took 7 tries for this guy, which was less than Ozma, but at least Ozma I had no idea on any of his attacks. Was so glad to see him die.

Speed: 2x

Okay, off to deliver a present to the Kalm Traveler. I got Long Range for defeating Ruby, but it was also given as a prize in the Junon Leagues I believe. The guy says you have to fight to get the last Enemy Skill (Pandora’s Box), so I made sure to save.

Okay, wow. An actual enemy Yuffie can’t tear through. So, go Aerith with magic! Oh, wait, that doesn’t work either. So, how about Coin? Yes, Coin it is!

Next time, though, Coin was just eating through my money. I had tons of it, but I was getting rather low considering. There had to be a trick to it. You probably figured out before I did: he’s a chocobo, and the “hungry” message means feed him some greens. He still has some devastating attacks, but he can actually be damaged while eating.

Speed: 2x

Well, here’s someone you don’t usually see being the last one standing.

Oh, wow, the Traveler is giving me a bonus for completing everything.

Everyone else: Don’t do it!!

Me: …what?

Speed: 2.5x


Had to redo the Yahcobo fight and then made sure to save before attempting again.

Okay, Bahamut goes through Def/MDef, but he’s Shout element. I tried to beat the Materia in a hurry, but I didn’t think I could get through Red before Bahamut was summoned. So I had to redo my equipment to reduce Shout damage. Ribbons protect against Manipulate, and Yuffie helps keep Slash-All from being too awful.

Speed: 2x

Was Phoenix supposed to do that? I have no idea. Anyway, 4xCut and Ultima to try to get rid of at least one Materia, as like Movers, eliminating one helps a ton. W-Item really is awesome. I’ve forgotten how useful it can be outside of the glitch and quickly using Hero Drinks.

Also, it said I got a Long Range, but I think I got another W-Magic. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have two before this fight. Was I supposed to get two W-Magics, or was there another item supposed to be given here? Because the special battles at the Gold Saucer all gave W- Materia. Whatever.

Will Sephiroth be the worst enemy in the game, or will he be a cakewalk after all the sidequests? We’ll see in the final episode!

KO KOunter: 145

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  1. Pete Davison

    This continues to look both fascinating and nightmarish. Great job on those kills, they sounded challenging!

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Thank you! The super chocobo fight definitely required some thinking. I’d forgotten how reliant I’ve been on Yuffie just wrecking things!

  2. dreager1

    I feel like Sephiroth will be a cakewalk for you unless his level scales up with the party or something. Beating all of these extra bosses looks crazy. I usually just spam my normal attacks and summons so I don’t get into all of this strategy. It’s been a long road but looks like you’re just about done!

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      In the original game, Sephiroth gets stat bonuses for every Lv 99 character. So I expected some kind of shenanigans here, and nobody wants to sit through dozens of casts of Super Nova!

      1. dreager1

        Wow, that’s pretty in depth of the devs! Yeah those Super Nova casts will get real old real fast. Hopefully you have a good book or something for all the breaks in the action


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