Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXXV

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

Let’s go to the point of no return! Here, we must say goodbye to Aerith, as Cloud is required.

Before I went down the Crater again, I did wonder why I never found a Mystile. I couldn’t believe it was removed. I then remembered hearing something about talking to the NT technician on the Highwind, and although I didn’t understand some of the options, I did get a Mystile. Think it’s supposed to be from the Dark Cave, but because of the ending, it doesn’t drop or something.

Surprisingly, there are no fights on the way down. I guess because of all the monsters in the crater. I then assumed it was because the last fights are so difficult that people probably wouldn’t want to keep redoing this descent. Got really worried as I reached Jenova’s platform.

Speed: 1.5x

It was a while before I remembered Jenova and other evil creatures are susceptible to Holy.

No idea on that countdown. Was it supposed to be like that? Does it reset every time you defeat the arms? I’ve only seen Ultima from her the very first time I played I believe, so I don’t know. Seems odd, so I’m guessing I lucked out in this fight. Might take the sting out of the horrible crap I went through with Ozma.

… Or maybe not.

First, I noticed the game looked odd, but whatever, right?

Final Fantasy VII Final Area

The game’s instructions said to make three parties. Just one problem: after making my main party, it immediately skipped the “choose the next party” and went into the menu to equip them. Except I didn’t have a party to equip!

Final Fantasy VII New Threat No PartyThen the final was a set of two, so I picked Barret and Aerith, a tank and a mage. I even used the “wait a second” option,  but there was nothing I could do. The original game, switching is often unnecessary, so prayed that Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie could do the whole battle without help. I didn’t want the game to crash even though you can save after Jenova. (Which I did, of course.)

Well, that was stupidly easy.

Instead of going straight to Safer, there’s a chance to requip and save.

Speed: 2.5x

Well, that was not. I was hoping the game had been altered so that Super Nova was the short animation, but maybe that’s not possible to skip. Just high damage all around, and not percent-based like in the original. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to do this without Wall, so I gave Yuffie Sprint Shoes instead. Unfortunately, this made her a little too fast, and Wall was running out too quickly, and I worried it was the wrong item.

I did give her and Tifa Elemental-Restore in their weapons for extra damage though.

Speed: 2x

Third time’s the charm. Despite the rough start where I forgot to Dispel Shield right away and a couple of close calls, Yuffie did it. Unfortunately, Tifa wasn’t alive to see Sephiroth’s defeat. That must stink, waiting five years for revenge and then missing it.

After the Cloud-Sephiroth battle, you get this:

Final Fantasy VII New Threat CongratulationsAll the characters do their poses, and there’s a note from SegaChief congratulating you. No ending movie.

So, final results…

KO KOunter: 147

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