Hello Kitty and Friends Loot Crate Unboxing – Winter 2019: Sweet Treats

Hello Kitty Loot Crate Sweet Treats box

It’s my last box in my subcription to the Hello Kitty Loot Crate. Will it make me want to resubscribe?

Warning: image-heavy post ahoy!

Item Info:

Hello Kitty and Friends Small Gift Loot Crate: Sweet Treats
Loot Crate x Sanrio
Release Date: Winter 2019
MSRP: $39.99


This is the fourth crate in my Hello Kitty Loot Crate subscription. This time, the theme is “Sweet Treats”.



Yeah, again, a significant delay. It’s the end of May, not December. Things being behind is common in this COVID-19 pandemic, but even then, they’re still way behind. Considering Hello Kitty Loot Crate is now bimonthly, I’m guessing they’re now about two probably soon to be three crates behind on this theme.

The weight seemed in line with the previous crates, but I was concerned about the box it was in. As you can see, one side clearly had a big gap between the lid and the top, and I didn’t know whether it was because of shipping damage or what. Turns out, it seems like it was purposely packaged this way, perhaps to save money instead of springing for a slightly larger box.

The box was concerning, but once I opened it up, though, I was prepared for disappointment. Because the first thing I noticed was there was no trinket. Other boxes have come with some kind of keychain, charm, or the like with the sticker, and there was not one here. Again, I wasn’t 100% sure at first that mine wasn’t buried or forgotten, but nope, I’m guessing they’re axing those permanently. But at least the box was cute.

So, the reason for the big tape gap on one side is the tin. It’s quite a large tin, and the pattern really looks good against the light blue. I also like the characters’ names listed on the bottom with their logos.

I only opened it on a random whim (which is why the tin’s pictures are taken with the plastic around it), so I was surprised to see the recipe cards inside. Didn’t realize until then it was a recipe tin. While you can see a recipe on one card, it’s the only one. The other cards are lined with some double-sided dividers.

Then we have a pair of oven mitts, which are pretty impressed. They’re quite big, so they cover more than just your hands. Bright pink, and I’m sure these would look good in pink or spring-y kitchens..

The next item was fabric-y, so I was like, “This has got to be an apron.” Well, good thing I didn’t bet on it; it was a kitchen towel. Again, it’s a pretty large kitchen towel, and it’s cute.

Next one was the apron. I knew there had to be one! This is the style that only covers your waist like a skirt, unlike a previous apron I know was offered in another crate a couple of years ago. It’s surprisingly long though. Very different from usual tie-around waist aprons, and so it felt like I was wearing a skirt. Again, cute print, but I felt like the quality was subpart. I noticed a lot of loose threads, the stitching seemed lackluster, and there was some pilling that made it look like it had been through the washer a few times. This was most notable by Badtz-maru. Nice pockets though, and the design takes up the full apron instead of just being a small square on a solid colored background.

The enamel pin was a Cinnamoroll with flour. Adorable.

Finally, the checklist-slash-poster. This confirmed there was no randomness in the crates (and that the trinket wasn’t missing).

Final Comments:

I thought this was the best box in my Loot Crate subscription in terms of tying the theme with the items. I slightly prefer the Retro Rewind Crate in terms of design, but this is a close second out of the four I received. (45th Anniversary would be last.) Everything revolved around baking, making this go great with all the different Hello Kitty appliances out there. However, even if you disregard my gripes with the apron as petty, you can still tell the cutbacks with Sweet Treats having no trinket and no randomness/luck factor in the items.

That being said, I won’t be reupping. Discounts at Loot Crate seem to be maxing out at 15%, and it’s too much for me for random — admittedly adorable — items even though I could see technically getting your money’s worth. Plus, with the delays, it’s just not for me. I’d almost certainly take the chance again if there were ever another 50% off code, but I don’t think that’s happening. So this was fun, but I’ll stick to buying random Hello Kitty stuff on sale/clearance.

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