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Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection

Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, and everyone are ready to grace your walls in this collection of iconic images.

Warning: image-heavy post ahoy! Minor Final Fantasy VII universe spoilers ahoy!

Item Info:

Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection
Square Enix Manga & Books
Release Date: November 17, 2020
MSRP: $24.99


In this 14″ x 11″ book (35.5 cm x 28 cm), 22 full color images are available to be ripped out and displayed. These feature art from Compilation of Final Fantasy VII as well as Final Fantasy VII Remake.



While the collection comes sealed to avoid tampering, between the front cover and the back cover, you’ll have seen half of the images inside.

Now, I have a few similar books I’ve picked up over the years, like this Frozen one. If you click on the link, you can see it boasts of 40 posters, but there’s a downside: the images are double-sided, so it’s impossible to display all 40 pictures on your wall! The closest you could get is something like hanging them with a chain and flipping them like an open/closed sign. Here, Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection may “only” have 22, but you can put them all up. The backside for all the pictures includes the character(s) featured and what game the image is from (not where specifically the image was originally used, like game cover or whatever). It even adds details like “clockwise” or “foreground” in case you’re the bizarre Final Fantasy VII fan who somehow doesn’t know characters like Yuffie.

Anyway, the images are a mix of landscape and portrait orientation. These are all CG promo art, not Nomura drawings. The images are neatly organized, going from Remake to Advent Children to Crisis Core to Dirge of Cerberus. So nothing from the original game, but most of the Remake images are based upon the disc swap art, like Barret with Marlene at the church, so it’s kind of like an image from the original game.

Chances are that if you have ever looked at some Final Fantasy VII game/movie covers or even just Googled them to get a little more info, you’ve probably seen most of these pictures — and fairly often, like the Advent Children image of Cloud on his bike with Sephiroth in the background (original movie cover) or Zack with the Buster Sword (Western Crisis Core cover). Others were originally featured on media like Ultimania guides in Japan. The only two that didn’t jog my memory right away were one of Vincent in the air like a divine messenger and an Advent Children piece featuring Cloud surrounded by his friends in the tower. Since this collection mainly sticks to the most iconic artwork, if you’re a fan of characters like the Turks, sorry, you’re out of luck. Heck, if you want renders with Remake characters actually looking at the camera, you’re out of luck (except for Sephiroth).

I also want to add you can see some of the tech evolution in these images. Take the pic of Cloud on his bike with Sephiroth in the background. This was from back when UMDs were a thing. While this DVD quality image was amazing at the time (and Advent Children holds up well thanks to its expanded edition), Cloud and Sephiroth look more stilted than in images that came out later.

The print quality is great, and the paper is a nice cardstock. I’m not the sort to actually rip out the pages in these type of collections. The book has sort of a half-fake cover, but then you just open the book all the way and get ready to have a go at ripping them out, and it does seem pretty easy to do so. Some images seem to take up the full page, and others have a white border on the sides or top/bottom. I don’t know if it has to do with the dimensions of the original artwork maybe? Yet one Advent Children image looks like it could have been a full-page image. If you aren’t paying close attention and go to pull out an image with a white border first, you might assume you have a little room for error on all the pages. Then if you go to one with a full-page image and then you’ll realize, oops, gotta be extremely careful. More importantly, if you do choose to mount these, you might not want to choose the exact same frame for every piece. Some might look better with a mat, others might be better without extra space. I did notice that unlike some other poster books, this one does not specifically say “frameable”. I mean, of course you can still frame them, but it may not be quite as straight-to-frame as some other books.

I also want to add you can see some

Final Comments:

So basically, if you type in any of those four games/movies into Google Images and see an CG image in the first few results in that you like, then yes, you’ll almost certainly enjoy this Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection. Personally, I’d love to see a follow-up with Nomura art, then we could get a pic of the whole gang in their original outfits like this and other cool pieces from Compilation like this.

Also, thank you, Justin!

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  1. raistlin0903

    This is one heck of an amazing collection of imagery. As you know I’m a huge fan of this type of art. Don’t know if I will be getting this one though, as I’m not really a huge Final Fantasy player, but….admittedly it’s very tempting that’s for sure😊 Thanks for sharing this!😀

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      You’re welcome! Maybe they’ll eventually release a standard artbook with more behind-the-scenes stuff and data that’s a bit more informative and includes a lot more pictures. That might be more your style versus large pictures of characters you may or may not know. Either way, thanks as always for reading!


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