LOVELY★END & Hoshi no Chime ga Kikoetara Doujinshi Lookthrough

Meguro Teikoku (Tanemura Arina) Uta no Prince-sama Doujinshi

I got some goodies from Japan recently, so let’s take a look at some doujinshi by an artist you probably have heard of!

Warning: image-heavy post ahoy! Spoilers ahoy!

Item Info:

LOVELY★END 6-satsu Set
LOVELY★END 6-Volume Set

Meguro Teikoku (Tanemura Arina)
Release Date: August 10, 2012

Hoshi no Chaimu [Chime] ga Kikoetara
If You Hear the Chime of the Stars

Meguro Teikoku (Tanemura Arina)
Release Date: December 30, 2012


LOVELY★END and Hoshi no Chime ga Kikoetara are self-published fanworks by the author of Phantom Thief Jeanne, Idol Dreams, and more. These are short stories featuring the six main/original guys from the Uta no Prince-sama games. LOVELY★END has six individual mini volumes and has a matching case holder. Hoshi no Chime ga Kikoetara is a single issue.



Okay, this section is going to be long since it’s covering two works.


If you do ever want to pick up LOVELY★END, make sure you check whether it’s the full six-book set or someone listing just one. Also, you’ll want to check whether the case aka clear file is included. It’s a perfect fit and has the title and the metallic seal on the front.

I didn’t realize it at first, but the background of each cover is different and features one of the areas of Saotome Gakuen. Also, each book’s pages are tinted with the guy’s colors. The inside cover also matches. Lots of nice touches.

Each book features a 16-page story set sometime during the original Uta no Prince-sama game.

Otoya Volume

Otoya wants to be Haruka’s boyfriend and do couple-y things, but Haruka doesn’t want to jeopardize their dreams. Instead, Haruka demonstrates her feelings by taking a sip of Otoya’s drink, an indirect kiss.

A cute, very Otoya-ish story.

Masato Volume

Masato thinks about how he’s hurt Haruka, but after some prodding/teasing from Ren, Masato realizes he doesn’t want to hold back his feelings anymore.

The only story that really involves the lead’s rival. Kind of a nice scene, and so is the ending in the snow.

Natsuki Volume

Natsuki worries about his other self, and when he hears Haruka call out to a sleeping him as “Natsuki-kun” instead of her usual “Shinomiya-san”, he wants proof that she’s calling out to him.

No Satsuki, dang. But Natsuki gets a rather significant make-out scene, which I didn’t expect.

Tokiya Volume

After a dream where HAYATO and Haruka are going out and he’s looking at them from the outside, Tokiya calls out to a sleeping Haruka as HAYATO and kisses her. But when she starts waking out, she addresses him as Ichinose-san, surprising and delighting him.

Dang, I sometimes forget how much of a perv Tokiya is.

Ren Volume

After seeing Haruka chatting with Masato while looking for him to work on the song, an irritated Ren agrees to practice in exchange for some of her time as well. While Haruka is nervous by Ren’s forwardness and knows she’s not special, he’s taken aback when she’s still determined to get his true sound out of him.

Ren’s route is one of the weakest in my opinion because of his jerkiness. The story keeps him in character, which means there’s not much Tanemura can do to make him more likable.

Syo Volume

Syo sees Haruka and Kaoru spending time together and suspects Kaoru is crushing on her. While he knows Kaoru is a good guy and would suit Haruka, Syo can’t help but let his true feelings out.

The weirdest one in my opinion. I think Kaoru says he was just testing Haruka. For what, not sure, because didn’t that already kind of happen in the game? Unlike the others where I could recall the game setting when story would take place, this one I wasn’t sure.

Hoshi no Chime ga Kikoetara

Hoshi no Chime ga Kikoetara has a sparkly starry cover, and the back also shimmers. The first page is a black sparkly cardstock piece with golden stars. Very pretty.

This is a series of shorts about each guy wanting to celebrate Haruka’s birthday. Each story is four pages long.

Otoya Route: “Passion Love”

Otoya wants to give Haruka something very special but worries about spending too much. But he hopes Haruka will really like it.

A weird ending. Otoya seems to want a kiss on the cheek, but Haruka thinks his scratching/tapping is a sign his skin is dry? And that’s how it ends — Otoya putting cream on his face.

Masato Route: “Ken yori Tsuyoi Ai ga Aru” [“Love is Stronger than the Sword”]

After being told by Jii to give a more practical gift, Masato gives Haruka a pen and dreams of her someday using it to fill out their marriage certificate.

LOL, Masato’s first thought was to give Haruka a snow mountain. Which explains why the rich guy ends up getting Haruka a rather simple present.

Natsuki Route: “Kawaii Kimi ni Niau Mono” [“What Suits the Cute You”]

Natsuki goes a little overboard picking out things that would suit Haruka.

Natsuki looks really cute here. But man, now I’m curious what he’d get Syo every year! I can only imagine what kinds of things Natsuki would decide would be perfect for the cute Syo-chan.

Tokiya Route: “Hanareteite mo” [“Even if We Part”]

Tokiya gives Haruka a shawl so that even when he’s away, it’s like he’s embracing her.

“It’s perfect for retaining warmth, right?” he says with a smile. Yeah, right, Tokiya, even Haruka can right through you!

Ren Route: “Honey Hunt”

Ren takes Haruka shopping and picks out an outfit for her.

Haruka starts to pick out a sexier dress, likely to match Ren, and it seems like Ren tells her to progress at her own pace. Cute.

Syo Route: “Hoshi no Chime ga Kikoetara” [“If You Hear the Chime of the Stars”]

Syo gives Haruka a hat so they match and gets very embarrassed by it.

Ah, Syo. Embarrassed by a simple hat, but he’s lucky that his shouting that he loves Haruka didn’t lead to more embarrassment!

Final Comments:

I know Tanemura does a lot of fanart, but it was neat to see some actual stories from her. I don’t think Tanemura has done any more like this, which is disappointing. I wish there was a LOVELY★END 2 with QUARTET NIGHT x Haruka set during their All Star routes. And Cecil, just so he isn’t left out. But LOVELY★END in particular is a neat addition to a fan’s collection with its box set feel. Feels like an official anthology instead of a doujinshi.

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  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    I did a double-take at first because I was confused seeing Tanemura’s art and Uta Pri. I had no idea she made doujin. Thanks for summarizing each story, they sound adorable. Which was your favorite? I haven’t seen too many otoge-related doujin before, but that could just be due to where I’m looking. This is really neat to see.

    If you don’t mind my asking, how do you store your doujinshi? I’ve been trying and failing to find a cute box to put them in.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I was really surprised, too. I know she likes to draw her various fandoms on Twitter, but I didn’t know she actually published some books. She’s also released some doujinshi of her own works (Full Moon & Jeanne, and at least 2 Jeanne are R-18).

      As for my fave, I think Masato’s and Natsuki’s stories in both were good. Masa’s in Lovely End was probably the one that seemed most like it could have been in the game, so I’m partial to that one.

      Honestly, right now, my storage solutions for my manga, games, etc. is “have gap in shelf, will stuff”. 😫 I have an artbook-size shelf in a bookcase that was perfect for books like this, but it’s overflowing. I really need to do some spring cleaning. 😵 So sorry I can’t be of help!

  2. Diamond Thompson

    Wow, Uta Pri really fits Tanemura’s art style. I think her rendition of Ren and Syo are probably my favotite. Such a lovely doujin.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Syo is fun since he’s so expressive. Tanemura really brings that out.


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