Tears of Themis Releases Today!

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The mobile game Tears of Themis from miHoYo launches today, July 29th! If you want to know more about the game, go here for the initial announcement and here for more info plus my initial impressions!

Game Info:

Tears of Themis
未定事件簿 (Wèidìng shìjiàn bù)
Otome game / gacha
Release date: July 29th
Android / iOS


Players take on the role of a young female lawyer with a passion for finding the truth. But while she wants to ensure the city of Stellis remains peaceful, the city hides some dark secrets. As the rookie attorney investigates and tries to bring these secrets to light, four men offer their assistance. While they may hold keys to the truth, one of them may also hold the key to her heart. Investigate, interrogate, and interact to figure out what’s going on!



Launch Bonus:

According to the press release:

“A wealth of rewards has been prepared to welcome rookie attorneys. By partaking in the launch event, players can get up to 40+ FREE DRAWS:

  • For celebrating the 500,000 pre-registration milestone, all players will receive 10 free draws.
  • Tap the button on the main page to complete Rookie Support Tasks and obtain 10 free draws.
  • Login for a total of 14 days by August 27 to receive in-game rewards including S-Chips and 10 free draws.
  • Complete Main Story Episodes to earn in-game rewards and 10+ free draws.
  • An SSR card is guaranteed within the first 30 draws!”


iOS link
Google Play link


Look forward to a future review on Tears of Themis from me!

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  1. emikothewriter

    Definitely one of the games I was anticipating just because I’ve played Genshin Impact but I opted to try out Nier Re[in]carnation since it also came out on the same day. It looks like a fun time and hopefully, my phone has enough space for this game so I can try it out myself.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Yes, all these games can eat up phone space quickly! Hope you can find room and, more importantly, have a good time with the game!


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