Celebrate the Season with Tears of Themis’ October Events

Tears of Themis Symphony of the Night

It’s October, so it’s the time of scary happenings and pumpkins. The mobile game Tears of Themis has a couple of limited-time events incorporating the season, and players can earn a lot of nice rewards by participating!

“Symphony of the Night” is going on now until November 2nd at 3 PM ET (UTC +9 4:00). The Big Data Lab is attacked just as NXX is contacted by a mysterious individual. Through the “Vesper Box”, players must complete tasks to unlock new clues and investigation areas. With the assistance of the four male leads who keep in touch via chat and head out into the field (and DAVIS!), find out why members of NXX were approached and who is trying to hack the Big Data Lab.

By completing tasks like challenge certain individuals (levels) or refute a number of one type of arguments, the next series of goals unlock in the Vesper Box. Complete the box and the “Symphony of the Night” event to receive S-Chip ×800, Stellin, Selection Star II, and the event-limited badge “Witch’s Gift”. Use those S-Chips however you want, including for more Visions during the related Shadow of Themis with selected Logic and Intuition SSR/SR cards’ chances boosted.

Starting on October 28th at 10 PM ET (October 29th at UTC+9 11:00), “Howling Pumpkin” opens up for even more rewards like S-Chips × 480, Event-Limited “Jack-o’-Lantern Badge” badge, and Oracle of Justice chips.

Tears of Themis Howling Pumpkin

In this event, gather various pumpkins to complete goals and figure out what is going on at the pumpkin patch.

Don’t forget the current New Home Day event to decorate the NXX Lounge! With these events, players have a lot of opportunities to collect valuable in-game rewards to boost your deck and show off your Tears of Themis love.

For more information, please visit the official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord server, or YouTube channel.

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