Kindle Unlimited Adventures

Blushing While Reading

I got another Kindle Unlimited trial, so that can only mean one thing: read all the manga!

Well, maybe not all of them. But a bunch of them.

Kindle Unlimited, in case you don’t know, is an Amazon subscription that allows you to borrow a bunch of books. Last time I had a subscription, I did a trashy Valentine’s feature, but a lot of manga have been added since then, mostly from Kodansha.

Which is great!

… The only downside is that, for most manga, only a portion of a series is included. So the series may be 10, 15 volumes long, but only a third or half of them are available to borrow. It’s a devilishly sneaky but probably effective way to get readers interested enough that they end up springing for the rest.

With a trial like this, I’m less in a hurry to finish a series versus finding out what series are worth finishing in the first place. So while I usually like to read all of what’s available in a manga before I review it, in this case, I’m only going to cover what is available through Kindle Unlimited. As such, much like the Valentine’s feature, these reviews will be more casual. Like a cross between one of my Diaries posts and a regular review.

For this feature, though, I did set some ground rules:

  • No Harlequin manga.
  • No manga that labels its chapters as “volumes”. Most of those only had the first chapter available anyway.
  • No titles with physical releases released or announced at the time I read it; digital only.
  • No titles that are still on Crunchyroll.
  • Manga where the full series is available will be posted separately as a normal review.

I know some of them are already immensely popular and/or very long, so these reviews may be a bit redundant. But again, these posts, while I’m listing them in my manga review section here on Daiyamanga, they’ll have a bit more of my thoughts than critical analysis. I also did this a while back, so series and volumes may have been added or removed from the service since I originally did these write-ups.

I’ll be reviewing my list of titles in alphabetical order. At the end, I’ll crown the winner. I hope you enjoy them!

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