Stellis, One Year Later

Tears of Themis Blissful Fete Anniversary Event

Can it be? Did I really stick with a mobile game for a whole year?

Yes, I did! And yes, Tears of Themis is marking its anniversary with a whole lot of events — and rewards!

July 29th is the official one-year anniversary of the gacha otome game, but the Blissful Fête event is going on right now! Players can:

  • Explore Stellis to solve a mystery and help the townsfolk;
  • Play minigames with the four members of NXX;
  • Debate tough opponents.

Players who participate in Blissful Fête can earn a variety of rewards as they complete story and mission milestones, including cards, upgrade materials, and badges.

Starting on July 11th at 11 AM (UTC+9, July 10th 10 PM ET) the next stage of events begin with log-in gifts, reset bonuses in the Mall, and more.

The highlight is the “Kiss of Fervor” Shadow of Themis, with special cards that showcase a confession scene. These beautiful SSR cards also are special in that they come with exclusive bonuses like badges. You can also choose which male lead’s “Kiss of Fervor” card you want to aim for. Their exclusive card has an increased draw rate and are guaranteed at pity. Plus, each Tear you use earns a Trace of Tears you can use to redeem for items.

You can get 10 free tries to nab one of these limited time cards just by logging in, and get more free tries by completing tasks in the Stellis Celebration Events before the July 29th at 15:00 (UTC+9, July 29th 2 AM ET) end date!

Don’t forget to check social media for additional codes and chances to win prizes.

If you’ve downloaded Tears of Themis before but haven’t logged in in a while, feel free to use my Returner Code WDE685AKNN so we both can get free Tears for the “Kiss of Fervor” banners.

Good luck to everyone trying to grab these cards! Feel free to tell me all about your good or bad luck!

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  1. dreager1

    Most impressive! You always know a mobile game is a winner when it has lasted that long. I’ve played a ton over the years but only:

    Pokemon Go
    Dragon Ball Legends
    Fire Emblem Heroes
    Megaman X Dive

    have lasted over a year and from those I finally stopped playing Legends and Heroes a while back. Pokemon Go and X Dive are the only ones that have withstood the test of time and I think I’ll be playing them until the servers go down.

    Sounds like this one’s still churning out a lot of content so I see it still being active for you in the long haul as well.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I so wanted to get into Pokemon Go, but I don’t have reliable cell service to go out and catch Pokemon. I don’t know if I would have played it regularly, but I really wanted to catch a couple of rare ones and challenge a Gym.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Thank you, I remember reading your post (and thinking how could Chun-Li not be on it!), but I was so tired, I totally missed my name at the bottom! Thank you for the nomination!

      1. Matthew

        You’re welcome! I had to include her. She’s iconic in fighting games. She is one of the strongest fighters in Street Fighter.


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