Solve a Snowy Magical Mystery in Tears of Themis

Tears of Themis Snowfallen Secrets

Winter is often considered the seasons of magic, but magic and winter collide in Tears of Themis to create a new case to solve!

Going on now until December 25th at 3 PM ET, the Snowfallen Secrets event is going on. A mysterious online post seems to have predicted an accident for a famous magician — but was it a coincidence, or something more? The NXX team is going to investigate!

In the main event, complete mission goals to unlock clues about the incident and who is behind the original post. The first two parts are already available, and the third and final part of the mystery will be unlocked on December 17th at 3 PM ET. Completing the event will earn players a new badge, namecard, and S-chips.

As part of the event, you can also earn tokens by doing the event and limited time debates to flip cards for a chance to earn SRs for Marius and Artem. Want a new Vyn or Luke card? Draw in the matching Snowfallen Secrets Shadow of Themis to get their exclusive SSRs. Plus, take on some very challenging debates for more rewards. And they are difficult, as I had to greatly upgrade my cards to earn my victories. So be sure you’re also completing tasks in Snowy Reveries event for valuable upgrade materials for your cards as well as other goods.

Also, don’t forget to follow Tears of Themis on social media: official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord server, or YouTube channel. They’re posting codes for money and extra dice! And check in on the Hoyoverse website or app for additional free goodies every day.

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