The King of Kindle Unlimited Adventures

So I read a bunch of manga on Kindle Unlimited! Didn’t mean for Kindle Unlimited Adventures to run for so long, but blame life. Anyway, out of all the titles, which did I most want to continue? Drumroll, please!

And the winner is…

Ping Pong Dash Volume 1

Ping Pong Dash!

This series just screams fun . It’s a combination of the misadventures at a yankee school, a sports manga, a romcom, and just plain silliness. Everyone’s a dunce in some way or another. Having a school sports manga focus on both boys and girls teams was a nice addition as well. It is the kind of story that works because it’s a manga — the crazy physical builds of the characters, their odd fashion choices, and the unbelievable sports skills.

But wait.. what’s this? Ping Pong Dash was later made available in its entirety on Kindle Unlimited?! So of course, I had to read it! Tune in tomorrow for the full review.

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