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Game Review – Tears of Themis

Tears of Themis logo

Tears of Themis
未定事件簿 (Wèidìng shìjiàn bù)
Otome game / gacha
Android / iOS


Stellis. A beautiful, modern city that many call their home. But its bright veneer hides a rising crime rate and mental health crisis — and all these strange cases may be related. A young lawyer is about to discover Stellis’ secrets and answer the call for justice — and maybe find love along the way!


Comic Review – Big Hero 6: The Series

Big Hero 6: The Series Volume 1

Big Hero 6: The Series
Hong Gyun An
Children’s – Action, comedy, sci-fi
1 Volume (ongoing)
Yen Press
Review copy/copies


Hiro is a boy genius, and together with his friends and a healthcare robot named Baymax, the six of them form the superhero team Big Hero 6! But are they ready to be secret crime-fighters and also handle their everyday responsibilities?


Manga Review – Gakuen Prince [Redux]

Gakuen Prince Volume 1

Gakuen Prince
学园王子 (Gakuen Ouji)
Shoujo – Comedy, drama, mature, romance, reverse harem
12 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics


At one elite high school, girls don’t just dominate the guys in numbers; they dominate them — literally. Desperate to escape the crazed female populace, transfer student Azusa bumps into Rise, an unsophisticated girl who has no interest in fighting over any other guy. Azusa thinks he has found the perfect fake girlfriend, but Rise just wants to not stand out in any way. Will either of them find peace here, or will they keep attracting unwanted attention? (more…)

Manga Review – The Golden Sheep

The Golden Sheep Volume 1

The Golden Sheep
金のひつじ (Kin no Hitsuji)
Seinen – Drama, romance, slice-of-life
3 Volumes (complete)
Vertical, Inc.


Tsugu is excited to move back to where she lived during elementary school. After all, it’s a chance to reunite with her three close friends Sora, Yuushin, and Asari. When they all arrive to greet her, Tsugu wants to pick up right where they all left off. But she’s about to discover how much has changed in six years.


Manga Review – Tangled

Tangled Manga

Disney塔の上のラプンツェル (Disney Tou no Ue no Rapunzel)
Shoujo – Fantasy, romance
1 Volume (complete)


Rapunzel loves the strange stars she sees every year on her birthday. But due to the healing magic in her hair, her mother forbids her from going outside. So when a thief sneaks in, Rapunzel sees this as an opportunity to sneak out and fulfill her dream! But this adventure will turn out to be bigger than either of them realize.


EXPIRED Anime & Manga Deals: Not Yet August Edition

Big Deal / Sale

I totally forgot there’s 31 days in July. Oops. I know, 30 days has… something, something, September, November. Whatever. So while it may not be Spider-man Day, it can be considered Mutt Day aka Mixed Breed Day. But yet it’s an annual celebration also celebrated in December…? And I thought I was confused!

Well, anyway, and on to the deals! End of the month + end of the week = lots of deals expiring today!


Unlicensed Spotlight – Kingyo Chuuihou!

Kingyo Chuuihou! Shinsouban 1

Kingyo Chuuihou!
Kingyo Chuiho!

Goldfish Warning!
Goldfish Alert!
Shoujo – Gag, comedy, fantasy
8 Volumes (original) / 7 Volumes (shinsouban) (complete)
Kodansha (Nakayoshi)


Chitose, a girl down on her luck, is forced to transfer schools after her father’s death since the only thing she inherited was a rare pink goldfish. For Chitose, who grew up with the finer things in life, this new school is a huge culture shock!  But maybe life at her new school will be full of some pleasant surprises as well…