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Important Announcement: Follow-Up

Original post

My mother passed away peacefully today. She had decided to enter hospice instead of continuing to fight a losing battle. To say cancer is awful is an understatement. She fought as hard as she could for as long as possible.

Right now, it hurts like the dickens. Even though I knew it was coming, it hurts losing her. So much.

I have no ETA on my return.

Thank you for your patience and well wishes,

Important Announcement

Dear Readers,

My goal when Daiyamanga started was writing an article every 3-ish days. In large part thanks to COVID and shipping issues, that led to being more like once a week, and lately, more time is lapsing between posts. Plus, I’ve been more slow about reading and responding to others’ posts.

In recent times, this is in large part due to my mother going through some health issues. And unfortunately, we got some news that is far from ideal. Quite frankly, it stinks. My mother is very much a fighter, and she’s determined not to give up. 100% of my attention is focused on her.

I don’t know what the future has in store. I absolutely don’t plan on closing Daiyamanga or stop reading others’ posts, but right now, I can’t read or write at the pace I would like to. How long this will be, I don’t know. I may want to comment or write occasionally just as part of the new normal, or it may be impossible for a while. They say the future is a blank page, and I’ve never felt more like that’s true than I do right now.

Treasure every day.

Thank you for your understanding,

Manga Review – Crescent Moon Marching

Crescent Moon Marching

Crescent Moon Marching
みかづきマーチ (Mikazuki March)
YAMADA Hamachi
Seinen – Slice-of-life, sports
1 Volume (ongoing) of 6 Volumes (complete)
Review copy/copies


All Mizuki knows how to do is study, and when this fact crashes her in the face, she flees her home to visit with her aunt who runs a small-town cafe. Still, even there, Mizuki doesn’t know what to do to fill her days, unlike her aunt’s busy part-timer, Akira. But when Mizuki sees a performance by Akira and the rest of his school’s marching band crew, her world begins to change.


Manga Review – Perfect World

Perfect World Volume 1

Perfect World
Josei – Drama, romance, slice-of-life
12 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics


Tsugumi is happily surprised when she runs into her old classmate (and former crush) Itsuki at a work event. They haven’t seen each other in years, but Itsuki has become an architect — and a handsome one to boot. But Tsugumi is stunned to learn once-athletic Itsuki is now in a wheelchair. Despite their reunion, with Itsuki being disabled now, there’s no way Tsugumi’s old feelings could come back, right?


EXPIRED Anime & Manga Deals: Ode to 3DS/Wii U Edition

3DS & Wii U consoles

The 3DS and Wii U eShops will be closed as of March 27th. So that means you have just a short amount of time to hurry and buy all those missing games from your collection. It’s just so unfortunate we can’t just buy DLC without games. Feel free to post any must-haves before the shop closes!

But if you need something to replace these two legacy systems, PS5 bundle discounts are aplenty right now! Plus a lot of other great deals!


Manga Review – I Fell for a Fujoshi

I Fell for a Fujoshi Volume 1

I Fell for a Fujoshi
腐ってても君が好き (Kusattetemo Kimi ga Suki)
Shoujo – Comedy, romance
1 Volume of 2 Volumes (ongoing)
Review copy/copies


Ichirou has noticed his childhood friend Tae has been acting differently around him. So what else could it be but blossoming feelings just like in romance manga for girls? Well, Tae is shy all right — shy about her newfound love for boys’ love comics! And now Tae has mistaken Ichirou for a fellow fan!


Manga Review – Ping Pong Dash! [Redux]

Ping Pong Dash Volume 1

Ping Pong Dash!
卓球Dash!! (Takkyuu Dash!!)
HONDA Shingo
Shounen – Action, comedy, drama, sports, romance
15 Volumes (complete)
Media Do (Akita Publishing)


Haruku, a delinquent, is in a bad mood after he travels all the way to Tokyo to see the girl he likes and is turned away. But his mood turns even more sour when a rival leader destroys a can of his favorite coffee. Still worse yet, he meets Sawa, a girl the total opposite of Haruku’s ideal, and to top it all of, she kicks him! He decides to get revenge by taking her on in her preferred sport: table tennis!