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Unlicensed Spotlight – Kingyo Chuuihou!

Kingyo Chuuihou! Shinsouban 1

Kingyo Chuuihou!
Kingyo Chuiho!

Goldfish Warning!
Goldfish Alert!
Shoujo – Gag, comedy, fantasy
8 Volumes (original) / 7 Volumes (shinsouban) (complete)
Kodansha (Nakayoshi)


Chitose, a girl down on her luck, is forced to transfer schools after her father’s death since the only thing she inherited was a rare pink goldfish. For Chitose, who grew up with the finer things in life, this new school is a huge culture shock!  But maybe life at her new school will be full of some pleasant surprises as well…


Manga Review – Love in Focus

Love in Focus Volume 1

Love in Focus
蓮住荘のさんかく (Renzu-Sou no Sankaku)
Shoujo – Drama, romance, slice-of-life
3 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics


Mako loves photography, and she decides to attend her friend Kei’s high school and boarding house because of the school’s club. On her way to her new home, Mako accidentally takes a picture of a guy, and he turns out to be another resident! But unlike most of the other boarders, Mitsuru seems to dislike pictures…


Manga Review – MÄR: Marchen Awakens Romance

MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance Volume 1

MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance
ANZAI Nobuyuki
Shounen – Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, isekai
15 Volumes (complete)
VIZ Media


Ginta is a rather unremarkable young man — not much of a student and a poor athlete. The only talent he has is dreaming of the same fantasy world over and over again. While only Ginta and his friend Koyuki believe that place exists, one day, the portal to the realm opens! Ginta is ecstatic to finally visit this fantasy land, and plus he’s gotten stronger! But will that be enough in a land full of magical tools and a group intent on controlling the world?


Manga Review – Beauty Bunny

Beauty Bunny Volume 1

Beauty Bunny
Shoujo – Comedy, gender bender, romance
8 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics


Just when things are going well at her new school, one of Kohane’s classmates calls her ugly! Iori has pro-level makeup skills while Kohane has no interest in beauty treatments. But when Kohane’s in a jam, Iori helps Kohane at the request of his sister. However, the cost for the makeover may be higher than she expected…