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Manga Review – Beware the Kamiki Brothers!

Beware the Kamiki Brothers! Volume 1

Beware the Kamiki Brothers!
神木兄弟おことわり (Kamiki Kyoudai Okotowari)
Shoujo – Comedy, romance
6 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics


After failing a test badly, Iroha definitely didn’t want the most famous guy in school announcing it to the whole class! But while Iroha intended to keep her bad grade a secret, her mom has been keeping one of her own: her fiancé’s sons aren’t 6 and 4 — they’re 16 and 14! And the older is very familiar to Iroha…


Manga Review – Hana Ikeru Doutei-kun

Hana Ikeru Doutei-kun

Hana Ikeru Doutei-kun
Boys’ Love – Romance, smut
1 Volume (complete)
Media Do (MediBang)


Ei, whose hobby is flower arranging, has liked his stepbrother Natsuki for 10 years, often fantasizing about him. But Natsuki is a womanizer, so Ei keeps his feelings to himself. But when Natsuki decides to play a prank on a friend, he pulls Ei into a closet with him, and both young men are surprised when Natsuki kisses Ei!

Warning: this review is of a series that is recommended for ages 18+ and is not safe for work!


Manga Review – Love Hina

Love Hina Omnibus 1

Love Hina
Shounen – Comedy, ecchi, harem, romance
14 Volumes / 5 Omnibuses (complete)
Tokyopop / Kodansha Comics


After failing his entrance exams to his chosen university, Keitaro is kicked out. But because he made a certain girl a promise to attend there, he heads to his grandmother’s inn so he can study. However, it’s been turned into an all-female dorm! Even though he’s given permission to stay, can Keitaro handle the residents?


Manga Review – A Kiss, For Real

A Kiss, For Real Volume 1

A Kiss, For Real
セキララにキス (Sekirara ni Kiss)
Shoujo – Romance
9 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics


In order to avoid being hated, Chitose acts like a cheerful and agreeable girl. So when a guy saves her from a voyeur, she expects her flattery to work as she thanks him. But as she tours his art school, he sees right through her! Are Chitose’s peaceful days in jeopardy, or is her true self about to shine through?