EXPIRED Deal Alert – Get Up to 46% Off Shoujo Titles from Viz Media

In honor of Shojo Beat’s 10th Anniversary, Shojo Beat and Right Stuf have teamed up for a special sale. From now until July 9th, everyone gets 40% off Viz Media’s shoujo titles with coupon code AX-SHOJO. This includes the Shojo Beat line as well as Viz Media’s older (pre-Shojo Beat) titles. If you’re a Got Anime member, you’ll get titles for 46% off MSRP. As usual, US customers get free shipping on $49+. The complete list of what’s on sale is available here.

This is a great sale, as generally studio sales with Got Anime is about 40% off. So right now, everyone gets the Got Anime price, and Got Anime members get an even better deal than usual. For many volumes, this sale is cheaper than getting a secondhand copy, and plus you are supporting the creators and publishers directly! This is a great way to get caught up or add to your collection. Titles all the way up to November are available to preorder!

What are you picking up? If you need some ideas, click on the Viz Media tag and read some of my shoujo reviews.

Deals – Getting Manga for Cheap

Today, I’ll discuss some ways to afford to feed your manga addiction while sparing your poor pocket book. If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them! My ideas are targeted toward U.S. residents, so international visitors, feel free to share your favorite ways to supporting the manga market!

EDIT: An updated version was posted on Organization Anti-Social Genuises.


EXPIRED Deal Alert – Kodansha USA Manga Sale at Right Stuf!

It’s time for another publisher sale at Right Stuf. Get 33% off MSRP all Kodansha USA manga, and 40% if you’re a member of Got Anime ($12/yr). Sale goes until April 20th.


Right Stuf currently has Viz’s releases up to August. Great time to fill in the holes in your collection or get all your upcoming favorites. Free shipping on $49 or more for US or $250 for Canada.

Quick Recommendations:

A Silent Voice (volumes 1-3 available to order)
Shugo Chara! (volumes 1-12 available to order)
The Seven Deadly Sins (volumes 1-10 available to order)

What are you picking up in this sale?

EXPIRED Deal Alert – GoHastings.com 41% Off Used Books, Games, Movies, & Music

GoHastings.com is offering 41% off used books, games, movies, and music by entering the code NOTAHOAX at checkout. Coupon code is valid through today only. After coupon code, you can get manga for as low as $1.03 a volume. With shipping, an eight volume series, for example, would cost about $2.40 a volume, which is over 75% off cover price! This is a good way to finish up any holes in your collection, or you can buy a whole new series! I’ve only ordered books from them, but almost all have been in good condition.

You can also go through TopCashback.com for 7.5% cashback!

Shipping for books is $3.00 for the order + $0.99 each item, movies and music is $1.29 an item, and games are $2.28 an item. They accept credit cards and PayPal.