EXPIRED Anime & Manga Deals: Zero Tasking Day Edition

Sleeping Dog

For most of us in the US, we turned our clocks back and got an extra hour of sleep. That also means it’s zero tasking day, a day to relax!

It’s also National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, and also National Canine Lymphoma Day, so I was going to use a picture of a dog sleeping today to combine them all. But there were too many cute pictures!! I couldn’t decide which one to use, so I ended up with a generic (but cute) image. So chill out, and give an extra hug to your doggos and other furbabies/fursiblings today.

Also, while Halloween is over, several deals from that roundup are still valid if you missed it. Otherwise, take a peek at these latest sales!


EXPIRED Anime & Manga Deals: Not Yet August Edition

Big Deal / Sale

I totally forgot there’s 31 days in July. Oops. I know, 30 days has… something, something, September, November. Whatever. So while it may not be Spider-man Day, it can be considered Mutt Day aka Mixed Breed Day. But yet it’s an annual celebration also celebrated in December…? And I thought I was confused!

Well, anyway, and on to the deals! End of the month + end of the week = lots of deals expiring today!