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An Update

So it’s been a little over two weeks since my dear Washington passed away. Not gonna lie… it’s been rough. Habits I’ve developed over the past 11 years no longer have any meaning. Things I’ve grown accustomed to have disappeared. The unfulfilled plans. The unused birthday gifts. And, of course, the questions and regrets. His passing wasn’t sudden in the sense of an accident or anything, but no one expected that his time had come.


A Quick Note

I apologize for the sudden update, but unfortunately, my beloved dog Washington just suddenly passed away at the age of 12. So, sorry, but I’m going to be taking a short break for a few days from reading/commenting. I’ll probably pop back on here now and then, but I just won’t be able to concentrate much right now.

Thank you for understanding.

Manga Review – Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball
黒子のバスケ (Kuroko no Basuke)
FUJIMAKI Tadatoshi
Shounen – Sports
15 Omnibuses (complete)
VIZ Media


For the past three years, one middle school has dominated the championships. But now its members — known as the Miracle Generation — have all gone to different schools. One student from this team joins Seirin High, but surely someone as unnoticeable as this guy could have only been a benchwarmer…?


Manga Review – Akame ga KILL! Zero

Akame ga KILL! Zero Volume 1

Akame ga KILL! Zero
アカメが斬る! 零 (Akame ga Kiru! Rei)
Takahiro (story), TORU Kei (art)
Seinen – Action, ecchi, fantasy, mature, tragedy, war
10 Volumes (complete)
Yen Press


Akame, her sister Kurome, and their friends are not your average group of teens. They’re assassins, raised to eliminate anyone who gets in the Empire’s way. Akame isn’t thrilled about taking lives, but as long as the citizens can live in peace, she’ll do her job. But while Akame treasures her extended family, she can’t help but sense something is amiss in the Empire…

Warning: this review is of a series that is recommended for ages 18+ and is not safe for work!


Manga Review – The Delinquent Housewife!

The Delinquent Housewife! Volume 1

The Delinquent Housewife!
ふつつかなヨメですが! (Futsutsuka na Yome Desu ga!)
Seinen – Comedy, slice-of-life
4 Volumes (complete)
Vertical, Inc.


Dai’s older brother, Tohru, suddenly shows up at home with his fiancée, Komugi. Komugi seems like a lovely young woman, but she is extremely rattled when Tohru leaves for a business trip. Then Dai learn’s Komugi’s secret: not only does she not have any basic household skills, but she was a delinquent!