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Manga Review – The Tokyo 5

The Tokyo 5 Part 1

The Tokyo 5
Archer, Andrew (story), NICE (art)
Seinen – Action, mature, mystery, sci-fi, supernatural, war
4 Issues / 1 Volume (ongoing)


Discontent with her life, Yama’s latent psychic ability causes her to kill her boss and a customer. Confused, Yama is drawn to an old school where four other girls claim she is their former classmate. But Yama’s confusion grows deeper as war breaks out with China and mysterious beings attack!


Manga Review – Maid-sama!

Maid-sama! Volume 1

会長はメイド様! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!)
Shoujo – Comedy, romance
9 Omnibuses (complete)
VIZ Media


Misaki is known as the man-hating Demon President of Seika High. But this “demon” has a secret: she works at a maid café! What will happen to her now that the only person who can match — and surpass — Misaki’s brains and brawn discovers her secret? (more…)

Game Diaries – New Threat of an AVALANCHE

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII
Square Enix (original)


Shinra Inc. is the most powerful organization in the world thanks to their energy-harvesting technology. But a group known as AVALANCHE vows to destroy the Mako Reactors and protect the Planet. Cloud, a former member of Shinra’s elite military, is hired by AVALANCHE, but he has no interest outside of getting his money.