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Manga Review – Midday Moon

Midday Moon Manga

Midday Moon
極夜 (Kyokuya)
Boys’ Love – Fantasy, romance, smut
1 Volume (complete)
Media Do (Printemps Publishing)


All inns have visitors, but at Amano’s workplace, they don’t just house normal guests: spirits and deities come to relax from their eternal existence. Amano is put in charge of serving their latest guest: the king of the everlasting world, Tsukuyomi. Amano is taken aback when he sees Tsukuyomi’s face, as the king looks like his old friend. But there’s no way Tsukuyomi could be connected to Amano’s missing friend, right?

Warning: this review is of a series that is recommended for ages 18+ and is not safe for work!


Manga Review – Tokyo Babylon

Tokyo Babylon Omnibus 1

Tokyo Babylon
Shoujo – Supernatural, boys’ love, mystery, psychological, tragedy
7 Volumes / 2 Omnibuses (complete)
Tokyopop / Dark Horse


Despite being only 16, Subaru is the head of his clan of onmyoji users. He uses his abilities to defeat and heal the evil spirits haunting Tokyo. Subaru is supported by his twin sister Hokuto as well as Seishirou, a veterinarian and heir to a rival clan who proclaims to be in love with Subaru.