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Visual Novel Extravaganza

Why just open one thing when I can open all the things? And okay, one isn’t technically a visual novel, but it has VN elements.

Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be such a bit post, but between a couple of preorders, some items taking a vacation on their way to me, delays, busyness, and my own indecision, it turned out this way. They all just kind of descended together in mid-to-late September and early October. So, it just kind of turned into a big “what-I-got-in-the-mail” post!

Warning: image-heavy post ahoy!


Game Review – Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu
名探偵ピカチュウ (Meitantei Pikachu)
Adventure / Puzzle
The Pokémon Company
Nintendo 3DS


After his father disappears, Tim arrives in Ryme City to see if he can find out anything. Instead he finds a Pikachu that speaks human language! This Pikachu, whom only Tim can understand, proclaims he’s a detective, and the two of them decide to investigate Tim’s dad’s disappearance and any other mysteries along the way. Take on the role of Tim and examine crime scenes, question witnesses, and solve the case!