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EXPIRED Anime & Manga Deals: National French Toast Day Edition

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy National French Toast Day! Enjoy this wonderful dipped bread treat for breakfast or any time during the day. Because what else would you eat today? I mean, it’s not like Americans are celebrating any other holiday today, right? But for my international visitors, Happy Last Thursday in November!

But no matter what you’re celebrating today, I hope you can enjoy some of these specials! Make sure you check out the previous deal post which includes a b2g1f sale at Amazon and much more!


Anime Review – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season III

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season III

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
美少女戦士セーラームーンCrystal 第3期<デス・バスターズ編> (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Dai 3-ki <Death Busters Hen>)
Shoujo – Action, drama, magical girl, romance
12 Episodes (complete)
Crunchyroll / Hulu / Viz Media


Usagi and her friends are enjoying their lives, but strange things start happening once again. People are reverting to monsters, and the mysteries seem to center around the highly exclusive school Mugen Academy. Two of the school’s students, Haruka and Michiru, may be involved in this new battle…


Anime Review – Pokémon Origins

Pokemon Origins

Pokémon Origins
ポケットモンスター THE ORIGIN (Pocket Monsters THE ORIGIN)
Kodomo – Action, adventure
4 Episodes (complete)
Hulu / Amazon / iTunes


In a world where strange beings called Pokémon can be caught and battled, a young boy named Red begins his journey to catch every Pokémon. Along the way, Red will have to deal with his rival named Blue, a group of criminals called Team Rocket, and even his own inexperience.