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Unlicensed Spotlight – Kamisama Gakuen at Armeria

Kamisama Gakuen at Armeria Volume 1

Kamisama Gakuen at Armeria
The God Academy at Armeria

Armeria: The School with Gods
Shoujo – Action, comedy, fantasy, magical girl, romance
12 Volumes (complete)
Tosuisha (Ichiraci)


Three years ago, a god revealed themselves to the populace with a declaration: turn evil gods back into their holy selves. To do so, 30 teens were chosen to by gaining the ability to house and fuse with gods. But Rikka, one of these 30, doesn’t have a god! But as she witnesses a battle against a pair of evil gods, she sees the rumored savior who can also defeat gods. But who is he, and why can he carry a god while Rikka can’t?