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EXPIRED Deal Alert – Kodansha & Vertical Manga Sale at Right Stuf

It’s time for another manga sale at Right Stuf. This time, however, there’s two publishers’ books on sale! Get 33% off MSRP on all Kodansha Comics USA or Vertical, Inc. titles with coupon code KDV-2015, and almost 40% off if you’re a member of Got Anime? ($12/yr). Sale goes until November 12th. Free shipping to US on orders of $49 or more. Click the banner to see all eligible titles.

Right StufRight Stuf has restarted partial shipments, but having two companies’ books on sale means it’s easier to reach the free shipping threshold. So you may want to place several smaller orders with books around the same release date to get your items the quickest.

Manga Review – Let’s Dance a Waltz

Let's Dance a Waltz Volume 1

Let’s Dance a Waltz
ワルツのお時間 (Waltz no Ojikan)
ANDO Natsumi
Shoujo – Romance, sports, drama
3 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics USA


Tango is one of the coolest kids at his middle school. However, he doesn’t want anyone to know his family runs a dance school. Meanwhile, shy, overweight Hime wants to change. Her first step: dance lessons! Will Tango’s image be ruined? Will Hime change? And why does Tango refuse to go back to the world of dancesport?


Manga Review – Negiho: Mahora Little Girls

Negiho: Mahora Little Girls

Negiho: Mahora Little Girls
Negiho (Young) Version
ネギほ(幼)文 (Negiho (Ito) Bun)
AKAMATSU Ken (creator); Yui (author)
Shounen – Comedy, romance
1 Volume (complete)
Kodansha USA


Set in an alternate universe of Negima!, kindergartener Asuna falls in love hit at first sight with her adult teacher, Negi. In order to win her teacher’s heart, Asuna has to put up with the crazy classmates, many of which who are her rivals.


EXPIRED Deal Alert – Kodansha Comics Sale at Right Stuf

It’s time for another publisher sale at Right Stuf. Get 33% off MSRP all Kodansha Comics USA titles with coupon code KOD-2015, and almost 40% off if you’re a member of Got Anime ($12/yr). Sale goes until August 17th. Click the banner to see all eligible titles.

Right Stuf

While this is a good sale,  please be sure to check out my other deal posts for some preorder deals. For example, you can currently get Kiss Me, Not Him 1 or 2 for only $5.25 at Walmart with free shipping. This is 52% off for everyone compared to Right Stuf’s member discount of 40%.

EXPIRED Deals – Walmart Preorder Deals with Free Shipping

Walmart has a whole bunch of manga preorders heavily discounted (most 47-48% off) with free shipping! No minimum purchase required! You order several items at once, and they will all ship individually. Walmart accepts cash (pay in store within 48 hours), PayPal, and credit/debit cards.

I believe this covers most of the heavily discounted preorders. Note that some are due to be released real soon, so get your order in now before the free shipping disappears or the price goes up!

UPDATE: Since my original post, Walmart has lowered the price on some of these titles and raised the price on others. The bad deals have been removed, and new ones were added. Some of the titles that have been released since then are at the same price or lower, but they are no longer eligible for free shipping. Those titles are eligible for free shipping on $35+.

My pick this time around are the two large Kodansha USA Omnibuses: Attack on Titan Colossal Edition 2 for $25.94 and Fairy Tale: Master’s Edition 1 for $20.75.