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Manga Review – Fort of Apocalypse

Fort of Apocalypse Volume 1

Fort of Apocalypse
アポカリプスの砦 (Apocalypse no Toride)
KURAISHI Yuu (story), INABE Kazu (art)
Shounen – Horror, mystery, supernatural
5 Volumes of 10 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics


Shouran Academy. It’s not the name of a school; it’s a juvenile detention center where the worst delinquents in the region wind up. Maeda is the facility’s newest resident, convicted of murder despite his pleas to the contrary. However, he is forced to start his life anew with his three cellmates, all serving multiple-year sentences. But despite how scary Maeda finds Shouran, it may soon be safer inside its walls than outside…