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Light Novel Review – No Game No Life

No Game No Life Light Novel Volume 1

No Game No Life
Seinen – Adventure, comedy, ecchi, fantasy, harem, isekai
8 Volumes (ongoing) of 10 Volumes (ongoing)
Yen Press
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Eighteen-year-old Sora and eleven-year-old Shiro are legendary expert gamers, but they’re also societal shut-ins. After beating a mysterious challenger in chess, the siblings are summoned to Disboard, a land where games decide everything. Is this land perfect for Sora and Shiro, or will all the other races finally defeat them — and humanity at large?


Light Novel Review – Hot Gimmick S

Hot Gimmick S

Hot Gimmick
NISHIZAKI Megumi (story), AIHARA Miki (original concept)
Shoujo – Drama, reverse harem, romance, mature
1 Volume (complete)
Viz Media


With her love life in a mess, Hatsumi runs to the one person she has always counted on: Shinogu. But learning Shinogu was adopted was a secondary shock to the revelation he’s been in love with her for years. Shinogu wants to leave the Narita family, but Hatsumi doesn’t want him to go away. But does she want to stay by his side as his sister or something more?


Light Novel Review – The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil is a Part-Timer! Light Novel Volume 1

The Devil is a Part-Timer!
はたらく魔王さま! (Hataraku Maou-sama!)
WAGAHARA Satoshi (author); 029/Oniku (artist)
Shounen – Comedy, fantasy, romance
3 Volumes (ongoing)
Yen Press
Review copy/copies


On the brink of defeat, the Devil King Satan and one of his generals escape Ente Isla and find themselves in modern Tokyo. The pair quickly learn money — not magic — rules here, so Satan works part-time at MgRonald. Satan vows to return to Ente Isla, but will he ever get his powers back to be able to?


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