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Anime & Manga Deals: World Humanitarian Day Edition

World Humanitarian Day

“Every year on World Humanitarian Day, we shine a spotlight on the millions of civilians around the world whose lives have been caught up in conflict. On this day we also take a moment to honour the brave health and aid workers who are targeted or obstructed as they set out to help people in need, and pay tribute to the government employees, members of civil society and representatives of international organizations and agencies who risk their lives to provide humanitarian aid and protection.” — UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

So if you save a few dollars this weekend, please consider donating to a charity of your choice, such as monies to help the victims of the Charlottesville and Barcelona terror attacks. And if you can’t donate money, donate time at a local organization or donate blood at a local blood drive. #lovenothate

You can learn more about World Humanitarian Day at the UN website.


Manga Review – He’s My Only Vampire [Redux]

He's My Only Vampire Volume 1

He’s My Only Vampire
純血+彼氏 (Junketsu + Kareshi)
Shoujo – Action, drama, horror, romance, supernatural
10 Volumes (complete)
Yen Press


After a certain incident, Kana had to give up doing track-and-field. Still trying to find something to replace that part of her life, Kana suddenly spots someone who looks eerily like someone she knew, someone whom she thought was gone forever. Before their reunion can take place, Kana jumps in to save a girl and may now lose her own life…


Manga Review – Kaze Hikaru

Kaze Hikaru
Josei – Drama, gender bender, historical, romance, war
25 Volumes (ongoing) of 40 Volumes (ongoing)
VIZ Media


Japan, 1860s. As certain domains push against the shogun and clamor for a rebellion, a group known as the Mibu-Roshi fight on behalf of the shogunate. A new member joins this group in admiration, but the captains all seem to be goofs, leches, and drunks! But one leader is about to discover a big secret: the promising new recruit is actually a girl!


EXPIRED Anime & Manga Deals: International Day of Friendship Edition

To all my friends out there, happy International Day of Friendship!

And no one sings about friendship better than Umi:

“People who have real dreams
Are so dazzling that they shine.
You’re so earnest that you end up getting hurt.
Yet you always pretend to be strong — that’s why I worry.

When you want to cry, cry! (At any time)
You don’t have to hold yourself back
Since I’ll always be here.

With a little with a little with a little help. When things are difficult, call for me.
With a little with a little with a little help. We’re friends, aren’t we? Don’t hold back
Do your best! I want to be your strength”


Manga Review – Alice 19th

Alice 19th
Shoujo – Comedy, drama, fantasy, magical girl, psychological, romance
6 Volumes (complete)
VIZ Media


Alice lives in the shadow of her older sister, Mayura. In fact, Alice keeps her feelings to herself, which is why she would never have the nerve to admit she likes Mayura’s friend Kyô. But after encountering a mysterious rabbit, Alice is about to learn how powerful words can be — for better or for worse…


Manga Review – School Judgment: Gakkyu Hotei

School Judgment: Gakkyu Hotei 1

School Judgment: Gakkyu Hotei
ENOKI Nobuaki (story), OBATA Takeshi (art)
Shounen – Comedy, drama, mystery
3 Volumes (complete)
Viz Media


To help solve the educational crisis, Japan has set up the School Judgment System. Whenever a crime or a problem happens at a school, two transfer students take on the roles of prosecutor and defense attorney. But perhaps the only thing more mysterious than the mysteries are the two lawyers themselves…