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Manga Review – My Love Story!! [Redux]

My Love Story!! Volume 1

My Love Story!!
俺物語!! (Ore Monogatari!!)
KAWAHARA Kazune (Story), Aruko (Art)
Shoujo – Romance, comedy, slice-of-life
13 Volumes (complete)
Viz Media


Takeo is a big guy who looks scary, but he has a heart of gold and a strong sense of justice. Unfortunately, every girl he likes prefers his best friend! Takeo’s lastest crush is a girl he saved on the train, but Takeo will support his latest love interest no matter who she likes. But perhaps this time…?


Manga Review – Wedding Peach: Young Love

Wedding Peach Young Love

Wedding Peach
YAZAWA Nao (art & story), TOMITA Sukehiro (original creator)
Shoujo – Action, comedy, fantasy, magical girl, romance
1 Volume (complete)
VIZ Media


Clumsy Momoko dreams of one day falling in love and having the perfect wedding. But that might never happen f the Demons have their way and steal all the love in the world! One day, Momoko is given a mysterious compact and gains the ability to transform into a Love Angel named Wedding Peach. Can Wedding Peach protect love and save the Angel World?


Unlicensed Spotlight – Bitou Lollipop

Bitou Lollipop
Low Sugar Lollipop
Lightly Sweetened Lollipop

Shoujo – Drama, romance
7 Volumes (complete)
Shueisha (Cookie)


Madoka is shocked: her parents have just won the lottery! She’s in for another surprise when they leave her with some acquaintances while they go study to become doctors. Between her scholastically-challenged parents, a strict landlady, her rebellious son, and a popular classmate with secrets, will Madoka’s life make a turn for the better or worse?


EXPIRED Anime & Manga Deals: Prime Day Edition

Amazon Prime

Well, “Prime Day” is a bit of a misnomer — it covers today and tomorrow. But whether you have an Amazon Prime account or not (and see below for free trials if you don’t have one to get on the deals!), don’t worry — other stores are looking to steal Amazon’s thunder with their own offers. Most of these specials run for two days, but some may change offers tomorrow.

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Manga Review – Mink

Mink Volume 1

電脳少女(サイバーアイドル)☆Mink (Cyber Idol Mink)
Shoujo – Comedy, magical girl, romance, sci-fi
6 Volumes (complete)


Mink is excited to buy the debut album of her favorite singer. But a simple trip to the store goes off-track: not only does a strange boy save her from a falling display, but the album she buys turns out to be computer software. Her friends install it and jokingly create an idol persona for Mink, but she transforms into her digital alter ego — and winds up on TV!