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My Dream Crate

I recently received word that Loot Crate has been interested in hearing how people would design their own “dream crate” if given the chance. Loot Crate, as you may know, is a monthly subscription box service where you get four to six items for a retail value of $50 or more. Loot Crate also has an anime version, and Crunchyroll Premium members get special pricing. Since this is a “dream crate”, the sky is the limit.

My dream anime crate theme: magical girls. You may be familiar with the concept from series like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura, but the genre really includes any story of females with special magical abilities. Don’t mistake magical girl stories as just being for little girls; these heroines’ stories can be enjoyed by young and old, female or male, action fans and romance fans… everyone!


Just a Reminder…

I also post on TheOASG. My column goes up every Wednesday. I focus on money and the anime/manga industry (deal shopping, supporting companies, etc.). You will also see me pop up in other write-ups as well. So if you aren’t sick of me yet, check out my column there (Please Save My Money) as well as all the other awesome reviews, articles, and information on TheOASG.

My article for this week is especially fun, so I’d love to see you all read it and post your results! So what are you waiting for? Go and prepare for trial!


First Blogoversary Special – “Boss Me Around” Special

Today, Daiyamanga is one year old. I am very grateful to each and every one of you.

Thank You

So to show my gratitude, I offer you, my loyal followers, a chance to boss me around.

Got a good (or bad) series you want me to watch/read? An untranslated game you’d like to see me summarize? Or maybe you have your own challenge for me. Let me know! And if you see a good idea, make sure to reply to others’ comments and/or like to show your support. I can’t promise I’ll do all of them, but I’ll take them into consideration. I know some of you have devious minds…

I will not do any super-long challenges like “watch all One Piece episodes”. Sorry. 🙁

Fun Stats:

  • Almost 16,000 unique visitors for over 60,000 views.
  • This post will make post number 287.
  • Most popular post is my UtaPri Masterpost. No surprise there.
  • Most popular guy is…Ai! Tokiya for Starish.
  • Least popular? Cecil.
  • Most popular manga review: Scum’s Wish. Wow, would have never guessed.
  • Most of my visitors are from the U.S., but #2 is the Philippines, followed closely by Germany.
  • Weird search terms include:
    • “these three waste no time and get right into the action, both guys taking care of the girl, stripping her down and eating her out. she then drops to h”
    • “i hate love doll photo”
    • “anime love touch”
  • Matt of Matt-in-the-Hat has left the most comments.

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