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Manga Review – A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice Volume 1

A Silent Voice
聲の形 (Koe no Katachi)
OIMA Yoshitoki
Shounen – Drama, psychological, romance
62 Chapters / 7 Volumes (complete)
Crunchyroll / Kodansha Comics USA


Shoya hates being bored. When a deaf girl, Shoko, transfers to his class, Shoya thinks he’s found the perfect source of entertainment! Shoya and others harass Shoko, and she eventually transfers out. Shoya then has the tables turned on him. Years later, Shoya feels like his life has no meaning, but he has one last thing to do: meet Shoko once again.


News – A Silent Voice Wins New Creator Prize at 19th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Awards

A Silent Voice by OIMA Yoshitoki was the only manga with a license in the US to win at the 19th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize ceremony. It won in the New Creator Prize category. The manga series is rare story about boy meets deaf girl. A Silent Voice is licensed by Kodansha USA. Back issues can be read on Crunchyroll with a subscription.

This is an excellent series, and I am looking forward to owning physical copies when Kodansha USA starts releasing the volumes in May.

Other licensed series up for consideration for a prize were Naruto and Assassination Classroom. The full list of winners can be read on ANN.