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Opinion – Supporting Official Releases

I recently posted an article about Shojo Beat’s editor discussing licenses. One of the major points was that scanlation views do not necessarily translate into sales. This is wrong. While I, too, am guilty, I do not condone not supporting the releases when they are available in your country and/or language. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people use as justifications and why they just don’t stick.


Opinion – To -Chan or Not to -Chan? Japanese Honorifics in Manga

So my first opinion-slash-ramble is going to cover a big one: honorifics in manga. It’s one of the Great Divides in manga translation and in other Japanese-related media. Some people swear it’s a rather unique feature that is necessary for full cultural understand, and other people claim it does nothing but detract from a smooth adaptation. So, how do I feel about the subject?