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Krystallina Presents: Sailor Moon Krystal

Krystallina's Sailor Moon

Today, the third edition of the Sailor Moon manga is available in America. But as fans once again dive into the Dark Kingdom storyline, which has been covered several times before, what would be the best animated version? Even fans of Sailor Moon Crystal admit the story stumbles in several key areas, and the debate over whether it should have stuck to the Act-for-Act format will probably continue for the rest of the franchise’s history.

I’ve covered this before, but I decided to put up or shut up. No one will ever convince me that Crystal was the right way to do a reboot, and to explain why, I present to you Krystallina’s version of Sailor Moon Crystal — Sailor Moon Krystal perhaps?

Before I begin, my outline has two versions. The parts in * * are parts that would be in Version B, which includes the Senshi x Shintennou route like in Crystal.

Alert: Major spoilers for the entire Sailor Moon franchise ahoy! Lengthy post ahoy!


Album Review – Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Album Twinkle Songs

Nakayoshi 60th anniversary Twinkle Songs

Nakayoshi 60th anniversary Album “Twinkle Songs”
なかよし創刊60周年記念アルバム「Twinkle Songs」 (Nakayoshi Soukan 60 Shuunen Kinen Album Twinkle Songs)
Various Artists
36 Tracks
Columbia Music (Nippon Columbia)


To celebrate 60 years of Nakayoshi, this two-disc collection compiles opening and ending songs to many of the magazine’s anime adaptations. From Princess Knight to Sabagebu!, relive the magic of Nakayoshi.


Living Nervously

Sailor Moon Kanzenban 1

So, anybody remember this announcement?

Sailor Moon Kodansha 1“Hooray!” the anime community cheered. “A major title that didn’t even use the characters’ real names is being rescued! I can retire my old Americanized, error-filled Tokyopop versions!”

Yes, one of the features Kodansha Comics USA touted when they rescued the Sailor Moon manga was “an entirely new, incredibly accurate translation”. Awesome, right?



Anime Review – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season III

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season III

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season III
美少女戦士セーラームーンCrystal 第3期<デス・バスターズ編> (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Dai 3-ki <Death Busters Hen>)
Shoujo – Action, drama, magical girl, romance
12 Episodes (complete)
Crunchyroll / Hulu / Viz Media


Usagi and her friends are enjoying their lives, but strange things start happening once again. People are reverting to monsters, and the mysteries seem to center around the highly exclusive school Mugen Academy. Two of the school’s students, Haruka and Michiru, may be involved in this new battle…


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Sailor Moon R Proplica

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The Proplica line is Bandai’s premium prop and replica items of Sailor Moon wands and brooches. Featuring sounds and voices directly from the anime as well as Moon Kingdom base, this is a beautiful item for cosplayers or collectors. If you want to learn more about it, Sailor Moon Collectibles has a nice video review.

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Anime Opinion – Why Sailor Moon Crystal was a Big Disappointment for Me

So we’ve finished the 26 episodes of the reboot of the first magical-girl-mixed-with-sentai-elements series. While rumors swirl of a continuation, I explain why I felt let down by the revival of my first anime and manga. UPDATE: Season three confirmed.

Spoilers for the original anime, Crystal, and manga are below. However, most information is pretty much common knowledge by now. More importantly, long post ahead!