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Manga Review – Battles of the Wandering Chef

Battles of the Wandering Chef Volume 1

Battles of the Wandering Chef
包丁無宿勝負旅 (Houchou Mushuku Shoubu Tabi)
TSUCHIYAMA Shigeru (story/art), TAGAWA Yasuyuki (drafting cooperation)
Seinen – Sports
2 Volumes of 4 Volumes (complete)


Musashi, the second son of a restaurant owner, has gotten into a fight once again and has a stint at juvenile hall. When Musashi returns, his friends are waiting for him, excited to eat Musashi’s cooking once again. But his older brother, Shinichi, is the head chef of the restaurant now and won’t let his delinquent younger brother use the kitchen. A customer suggests a cooking face-off, so which brother will come out on top?