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Maison Ikkoku Second vs Collector's Edition Volume 1

I know what I’m buying… usually. And I could have sworn I passed on the new version of Maison Ikkoku until I knew what if any differences there were besides the obvious bigger format, etc. Well, image my surprise when I saw what came in the mail.

Well, heck, I have it anyway, so let’s see if I can answer questions I myself had about two hours ago before I opened this package.

Warning: image-heavy post ahoy!


Manga Review – Rin-ne

Rin-ne Volume 1

Rinne of the Boundary
境界のRinne (Kyoukai no Rinne)
Shounen – Supernatural, fantasy, comedy
16 Volumes (23 Volumes Japanese) (ongoing)
Viz Media


Sakura once was spirited away, and ever since then, she can see ghosts. Now in high school, the guy who is supposed to sit next to her has never shown up. One day, he finally attends class, but Sakura’s the only one who can see him! The guy introduces himself as Rinne: “I’m a shinigami……sort of…”