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Manga Review – Comic Party

Comic Party Volume 1

Comic Party
INUI Sekihiko
Shounen – Comedy, drama, harem
5 Volumes (complete)


Kazuki is feeling a bit lost after failing to get into an art college. His friend Taishi decides to drag him to an event — a huge convention full of fan-made comics! Seeing the passion the artists put into their work awakens something in Kazuki. His other friend, Mizuki, however, can’t stand to see him enter a world full of disgusting fanboys.


Manga Review – Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer 1

Angelic Layer
Shounen – Action, comedy, sci-fi
5 Volumes / 2 Omnibuses (complete)
Tokyopop / Dark Horse


On her way to her aunt’s house, Misaki sees an incredible battle between a large fighter and a small one. She learns that those brawlers were actually dolls, toys controlled by players in a game known as Angelic Layer. With the help of an eccentric stranger, Misaki decides to become a Deus. But can a newbie really succeed in Angelic Layer?


Manga Review – Kilala Princess

Kilala Princess Volume 1

Kilala Princess
TANAKA Rika (story), KODAKA Nao (art)
Shoujo – Adventure, fantasy, romance
5 Volumes (complete)


Kilala hopes someday her prince will come. But like once upon a dream, she stumbles across Rei, a boy searching for a belle of a princess. Then Kilala’s friend is kidnapped, but a dream is a wish your heart makes, and so Kilala and Rei find themselves in a whole new world. And not just that — they’re a part of Snow White’s world!


Manga Review – Zodiac P.I.

Zodiac P.I. Volume 1

Zodiac P.I.
十二宮でつかまえて (Juunikyuu de Tsukamaete)
ANDO Natsumi
Shoujo – Comedy, fantasy, magical girl, mystery, romance
4 Volumes (complete)


Lili comes from a family of astrologers, and she intends to continue the family business. But reading the future isn’t the only thing passed on to her: Lili possesses a special ring that can be used to contact the spirits of the zodiac. With the help of the ring, Lili solves cases as the legendary detective Spica. But Spica may find out she has a rival or two!


Manga Review – Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
Reaves, Mallory (story), Studio Dice (art)
Shoujo – Adventure, fantasy, historical, romance
2 Volumes (complete)


Bookworm Belle feels out of place in her small village. Meanwhile, in a castle not too far away, a prince has been placed under a spell. But when the most beautiful girl in the village is taken prisoner by the ugliest monster in all of France, perhaps a new story will be told…


Manga Review – Kamichama Karin

Kamichama Karin Volume 1

Kamichama Karin
Shoujo – Comedy, fantasy, magical girl, romance
7 Volumes (complete)


Karin’s parents have passed away long ago, and now her beloved pet has died as well. Still in mourning, Karin is angered when a boy insults her but cheers up when she meets a kind girl. The pair turn out to be cousins looking for a “god”. In the midst of everything, Karin’s ring, an heirloom from her mother, suddenly emits a strange light…


Manga Review – Marmalade Boy

Marmalade Boy Volume 1

Marmalade Boy
Shoujo – Comedy, drama, romance
8 Volumes (completed)


Miki’s life is perfectly normal… until the day it isn’t. Suddenly, Miki’s parents decide to divorce and swap partners with another couple, and everyone is going to live together! Now Miki has a cute-but-annoying stepbrother, a guy friend who is acting strangely, and a best friend with a big secret. Love makes people crazy, and it’s going to make Miki’s life even crazier!


Manga Review – The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko

The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko Volume 1

The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko
笑うかのこ様 (Warau Kanoko-sama)
Shoujo – Comedy, romance
2 Volumes (hiatus) of 3 Volumes (complete)


Most people want to be the hero or heroine. Kanoko prefers being the objective observer. Nothing is more exciting to her than watching the drama of other people’s lives. However, if all the world is a stage, then even this audience member may find herself the center of attention.


War of the Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket: Yen Press vs Tokyopop

So I know I said I wouldn’t double dip on Fruits Basket.

Well, I lied.

Darn you, sales! (Plus a review copy.)

So, what are the differences between the two Fruits Basket manga? Is the Collector’s Edition a much-needed upgrade?

Let’s have a battle: Yen Press’ Fruits Basket vs Tokyopop’s Fruits Basket!

Warning: image-heavy post. Click on images for full-size versions. In comparison pictures, the Yen Press version is on top, the Tokyopop version on bottom.

(Yes, I know I mixed up the second and third volumes in the pictures.)