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Manga Review – Demon Love Spell

Demon Love Spell Volume 1

Demon Love Spell
あやかし恋絵巻 (Ayakashi Koi Emaki)
Shoujo – Romance, supernatural, comedy, smut
6 Volumes (complete)
Viz Media


Miko wants to inherit her family’s shrine, but she can’t see or detect spirits! One day, she accidentally shrinks the most powerful demon, the incubus Kagura, into a chibi form. Kagura won’t give up until he goes back to his regular form. But he needs love to survive!


Manga Review – The Prince of Tennis

The Prince of Tennis Volume 1
The Prince of Tennis
テニスの王子様 (Tennis no Ouji-sama)
KONOMI Takeshi
Shounen – Comedy, sports
42 Volumes (complete)
Viz Media


Seishun Academy has a strong tennis team, but even its members are intrigued by the skill of 7th grader Ryoma. Cocky and confident Ryoma only has one goal, but perhaps the world of middle school tennis will expand his horizons.


Manga Review – Rin-ne

Rin-ne Volume 1

Rinne of the Boundary
境界のRinne (Kyoukai no Rinne)
Shounen – Supernatural, fantasy, comedy
16 Volumes (23 Volumes Japanese) (ongoing)
Viz Media


Sakura once was spirited away, and ever since then, she can see ghosts. Now in high school, the guy who is supposed to sit next to her has never shown up. One day, he finally attends class, but Sakura’s the only one who can see him! The guy introduces himself as Rinne: “I’m a shinigami……sort of…”


Manga Review – Honey Blood

Honey Blood Volume 1

Honey Blood
蜜味ブラッド(Mitsu Aji Blood)
Shoujo – Romance, drama, supernatural, mystery
3 Volumes (complete)
Viz Media


High school girl Hinata’s new neighbor is the author of a popular vampire novel. The kimono-wearing Junya seems to take an interest in her, but what is even more shocking is that Junya and the vampire in his stories seem to have striking similarities…


Manga Review – My Love Story!!

My Love Story!! Volume 1

My Love Story!!
俺物語!! (Ore Monogatari!!)
KAWAHARA Kazune (Story), Aruko (Art)
Shoujo – Romance, comedy, slice-of-life
3 Volumes (8 Volumes Japanese) (ongoing)
Viz Media


Takeo is a big guy who looks scary, but he has a heart of gold and a strong sense of justice. Unfortunately, every girl he likes prefers his best friend, Sunakawa! Takeo’s lastest crush is a girl he saved named Yamato, but Takeo will support his latest love interest no matter who she likes. But perhaps this time…?

Note: this review has been updated and can be found here.


Manga Review – Buso Renkin

Buso Renkin Volume 1

Buso Renkin
Arms Alchemy
武装錬金 (Busou Renkin)
WATSUKI Nobuhiro
Shounen – Action, sci-fi, comedy, romance
10 Volumes (complete)
Viz Media


Kazuki just had the weirdest dream: he died trying to save a girl! But when a teacher transforms into a hideous animal-human hybrid known as a homunculus, Kazuki learns his heart has been replaced with an alchemic device known as the Buso Renkin. Now Kazuki and his savior, Tokiko, must search for the creator of the homunculus in order to prevent innocent people from being killed.


News – Shojo Beat Discusses Manga Acquisitions

Shojo Beat editor Nancy Thistlethwaite posted some interesting information on manga acquisitions. The most important thing is that scanlation views does not always translate into sales. That is a shame.

I’m sure I’ll be repeatedly be saying this, but please support the official releases. And by official releases, buy the manga. Buying merchandise (hats, posters, anime box sets, etc.) are nice, but remember that the money flows differently. Sure, the original creator and publisher gets some royalties, but somebody’s got to pay the English translator, graphics team, the shipping department, and so on.

I’ll be doing a post soon on how to get your manga fix on a budget.

Manga Review – Boys over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers Volume 1

Boys over Flowers
花より男子 (Hana Yori Dango)
Shoujo – Romance, drama, comedy, reverse harem
37 Volumes (complete)
Viz Media
Out of print (physical), digital available


Tsukushi is a poor girl attending an elite private school. The school is ruled by a group of guys called the F4. Students who anger the F4 are bullied and hazed, but when Tsukushi’s friend is nearly made the newest target, Tsukushi’s anger erupts and is made the next victim instead. However, Tsukushi isn’t planning to go down without a fight!