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Unlicensed Spotlight – Ogawa to Yukai na Saitou-tachi

Ogawa to Yukai na Saitou-tachi

Ogawa to Yukai na Saitou-tachi
Ogawa and the Delightful Saitous
Ogawa and Team Saitou
Shoujo – Comedy, reverse harem
9 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha (Nakayoshi)


Rio’s only special talent seems to be getting bossed around by all her classmates. One day, a classmate orders her to kick the three scariest students in school. Ogawa tries to run away, but she ends up accidentally attacking all three! She fears they’ll want revenge, but instead, she’s drafted into a friendship circle with these three friendless boys.


Unlicensed Spotlight – Sket Dance

Sket Dance Volume 1

Sket Dance
Shounen – Comedy, drama
32 Volumes (complete)
Shueisha (Shuukan Shounen Jump)


Bossun is the leader, Himeko is the brawn, and Switch is the brains. Together, these three misfits form the Sket Dan, a group dedicated to helping out around the school. Chasing animals, turning into kids, training for a new sport, testing out new inventions… it’s all in a day’s work for the Sket Dan!


Unlicensed Spotlight – Animal Yokochou

Animal Yokochou 1

Animal Yokochou
Animal Alley
Ani-Yoko: My Next Door Neighbor
Shoujo – Comedy, fantasy, kodomo
16 Volumes (ongoing)
Shueisha (Ribon)


Ami’s room has a mysterious door that connects to another world. Three of the residents of Animal Yokochou love to drop by: the selfish rabbit Iyo, the unpopular and quick-tempered bear Kenta, and the gentle, spacey panda Issa. Throw in their enigmatic leader, and with these crazy animals as neighbors, Ami’s life is never dull!


One Down…

Peach Heaven! Volume 1

While Daiyamanga generally focuses on manga reviews, I also try to highlight some of the (generally lesser known) gems that are only available in Japan. The first manga I introduced, posted two years ago this month, was Momoiro Heaven!

In case you missed it, Kodansha Comics announced the simulpub of Nihei’s APOSIMZ, and the digital licenses of the manga series The Full-Time Wife Escapist (Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu), House of the Sun (Taiyou no Ue), and… Peach Heaven! (Momoiro Heaven!).

You can read the first chapter here. The first digital volume is already available at all the major outlets like Amazon.

Just goes to show you: don’t give up. Now make sure you support Kodansha and the creators! Especially all you House of the Sun / Taiyou no Ue fans. I know there are a lot of you, so perhaps a physical release — and for Peach Heaven! — isn’t out of the realm of possibilities?

Unlicensed Spotlight – Hakushaku Reijou

Hakushaku Reijou 1

Hakushaku Reijou
The Young Countess
HOSOKAWA Chieko, Fu-min
Shoujo – Drama, historical, romance
12 Volumes (complete)
Akita Shoten (Hitomi)


France, late 19th century. Orphan Corinne falls in love with Richard, a blind boy from a wealthy family. But Richard’s friend Alain is smitten with Corinne, and he tries to blackmail her into marrying him. After Corinne learns she is the granddaughter of a count, tragedies, lies, coincidences, and schemes all separate Corrine from her beloved Richard.


Unlicensed Spotlight – Iryuu – Team Medical Dragon

Iryuu -Team Medical Dragon- Volume 1

Iryuu – Team Medical Dragon
医龍 – Team Medical Dragon
NAGAI Akira (story), NOGIZAKA Taro (art), YOSHINUMA Mie (medical supervision)
Seinen – Drama, mature, psychological
25 Volumes (complete)
Shogakukan (Big Comic Superior)


Dr. Katou wants to change Japanese healthcare, but she needs to become a professor at her hospital first. To increase her chances, Katou seeks out the talents of Dr. Asada to have him perform her new version of a surgery. She didn’t expect Asada to be a bum or for him to have some crazy demands to join her team! Will Asada help or hurt Katou’s ambitions?


Unlicensed Spotlight – Aries

Aries Volume 1

Shoujo – Romance, drama, tragedy, fantasy, action, historical
20 Volumes (original), 10 Volumes (bunko) (complete)
Akita Shoten (Princess)


Arisa is a headstrong girl who does not get along with her classmate Shou. But Shou is actually the reincarnation of the god Hades, and he is waiting impatiently for his lover Persephone — now Arisa — to regain her memories. Meanwhile, Arisa can’t help but notice a lot of strange incidents seem to be happening around her.


Unlicensed Spotlight – Gokusen

Gokusen Volume 1

Josei – Comedy, action, romance
15 Volumes (complete, original), 12 Volumes (handy edition), 11 Volumes (bunko)
Shueisha (You)


Kumiko is ready to start her first year of teaching at an all-boys school known for delinquents and slackers. The students of 2-4 have no interest in learning, let alone from some weird, fresh-out-of-college chick. Only one student, Shin, thinks that Kumiko is not as weak as she appears to be. And he’s right: she’s the granddaughter of a yakuza boss!


Unlicensed Spotlight – Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai.

Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai. Volume 1

Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai.
I’m So Interested in Nekota That I Can’t Help Myself.
Shoujo – Comedy, mystery, romance, supernatural
7 Volumes (ongoing)
Shueisha (Ribon)


Mikiko (aka Mikki) has transferred schools once again. The sixth grader isn’t interested in making deep friendships since she’ll be with these classmates for only a year. But Mikki is shocked to see her new seatmate is a boy with a cat-head! Strangely enough, everyone else sees Nekota as a good-looking boy. What’s going on?


Unlicensed Spotlight – Candy Candy

Candy Candy Volume 1

Candy Candy
MIZUKI Kyoko (story), IGARASHI Yumiko (art)
Shoujo – Slice-of-life, historical, drama, romance
9 Volumes (complete, original), 5 Volumes (special edition), 6 Volumes (bunko)
Kodansha (Nakayoshi)


The U.S., early 1900s. Orphans Candy and Annie promise to remain close when Annie is adopted. But when Annie stops writing letters, Candy goes to a nearby hill to cry. She then meets a boy who cheers her up. Candy keeps this memory of her “prince” close to her as she grows up.