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Manga Review – Beauty Bunny

Beauty Bunny Volume 1

Beauty Bunny
Shoujo – Comedy, gender bender, romance
8 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha Comics


Just when things are going well at her new school, one of Kohane’s classmates calls her ugly! Iori has pro-level makeup skills while Kohane has no interest in beauty treatments. But when Kohane’s in a jam, Iori helps Kohane at the request of his sister. However, the cost for the makeover may be higher than she expected…


One Down…

Peach Heaven! Volume 1

While Daiyamanga generally focuses on manga reviews, I also try to highlight some of the (generally lesser known) gems that are only available in Japan. The first manga I introduced, posted two years ago this month, was Momoiro Heaven!

In case you missed it, Kodansha Comics announced the simulpub of Nihei’s APOSIMZ, and the digital licenses of the manga series The Full-Time Wife Escapist (Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu), House of the Sun (Taiyou no Ue), and… Peach Heaven! (Momoiro Heaven!).

You can read the first chapter here. The first digital volume is already available at all the major outlets like Amazon.

Just goes to show you: don’t give up. Now make sure you support Kodansha and the creators! Especially all you House of the Sun / Taiyou no Ue fans. I know there are a lot of you, so perhaps a physical release — and for Peach Heaven! — isn’t out of the realm of possibilities?

Unlicensed Spotlight – Momoiro Heaven!

Peach Heaven! Momoiro Heaven!

Momoiro Heaven!
Pink Heaven!
Shoujo – Romance, comedy, drama, smut
13 Volumes (complete)
Kodansha (Dessert)


High school girl Momoko has a big secret: she’s actually an erotic novel author. When her secret is discovered by professional model — and professional womanizer — Ranmaru, he blackmails her into becoming his slave. Upon discovering Momoko is actually a virgin, Ranmaru keeps “volunteering” his services for her novels.

EDIT 2/28/2017: Now available digitally from Kodansha Comics USA under the title Peach Heaven!