Wish List

My wish list provides just some of my most wanted manga. Series may come and go. I have done a preview for several of the titles, so click on the Unlicensed Spotlight category and read more about them.

Want to buy:
Series I missed, although available in English

Bleach – Just so long I just catch up right now, even in omnibuses/boxes.
Kimi ni Todoke – Hoping Viz will do an omnibus release.
Monster – I’ve heard so many good things about it.
One Piece – Same issue as Bleach. Caught up.

Current or recent manga I want licensed

Cradle of the Sea – Just beautiful historical fiction.
Last Game – Ore-sama type who finally realizes he’s in love… and deep in the friendzone.
Otoko no Isshou – Josei and ojikoi, two underrepresented genres.
Majo no Shinzou – Awesome mix of fantasy, adventure, and romance. Lumiere!
Momoiro Heaven! – Fun, smexy romcom with a likable heroine and love interest. Thanks, Kodansha Comics!
Nanoka no Kare – Gets more interesting and less typical the further you go.
Nijiro Days (MIZUNO Minami) – The guys are just too funny.
Shion no Ou – Nice blend of shogi, mystery, and subtle romance.
Sket Dance – Good combination of comedy and drama.
Tonari no Atashi – Worth it just for the ending.
Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari – Because I love PSME. Although it has a sequel now, too.

Older series that I’d like to be released

Aries – Just an awesome shoujo based on Greek mythology.
Bara no Versailles – I recognize parodies and homages, but I would like to read the original. Thanks, Udon Entertainment!
Candy Candy – Not likely to happen with the creators’ dispute, but a great series.
Cat’s Eye – So 80’s but so much fun.
Suna no Shiro – Hauntingly beautiful. Could spend hours doing analyses of the characters.

Rereleases and Rescues:
Series than need a second chance

Gakuen Alice – Though the storyline hits a wall in later volumes, it doesn’t deserve to be unfinished.
Immortal Rain (Meteor Methuselah) – It’s like a shoujo Trigun.
Mars – One of the first releases unflipped by Tokyopop. So good more people need to read it.
Red River – It’s out-of-print, so I really regret not picking it up.
School Rumble – Let the insanity continue! Thanks, Kodansha Comics!

Almost Anything Authors:
Authors with an alarming lack of English releases

AOKI Kotomi: BokuKimi versus KanoUso…tough choice if I could only pick one.
FUKUYAMA Ryoko: Unique art style and lots of sarcastic characters.
YAZAWA Ai: Seriously, why haven’t more of her works been released here? Money issues?


  1. Tepperz

    thank you so much for putting down immortal rain. One of the best mangas out there. bless you. have you finished the whole thing? There are awesome scans online of it done by scanlation groups that care. It even gets so much better. 10 out of 5 diamonds!!!! lol

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Immortal Rain was so close to finishing. That’s what hurts the most. It deserves a second printing, especially since The Gods Lie was so good!

      1. Tepperz

        10000000000% agreed. I also wish DNAngel would have a second print, too. Especially since it’s off hiatus again TT__TT

        1. Krystallina (Post author)

          I was shocked when I heard the news. I had almost forgotten about DNAngel since it had been in hiatus for years and years and years!


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