Wish List

My wish list provides just some of my most wanted manga. Series may come and go. I have done a preview for several of the titles, so click on the Unlicensed Spotlight category and read more about them.

Want to buy:
Series I missed, although available in English

Bleach – Just so long I just catch up right now, even in omnibuses/boxes.
Kimi ni Todoke – Hoping Viz will do an omnibus release.
Monster – I’ve heard so many good things about it.
One Piece – Same issue as Bleach. Caught up.

Current or recent manga I want licensed

Cradle of the Sea – Just beautiful historical fiction.
Last Game – Ore-sama type who finally realizes he’s in love… and deep in the friendzone.
Otoko no Isshou – Josei and ojikoi, two underrepresented genres.
Majo no Shinzou – Awesome mix of fantasy, adventure, and romance. Lumiere!
Momoiro Heaven! – Fun, smexy romcom with a likable heroine and love interest. Thanks, Kodansha Comics!
Nanoka no Kare – Gets more interesting and less typical the further you go.
Nijiro Days (MIZUNO Minami) – The guys are just too funny.
Shion no Ou – Nice blend of shogi, mystery, and subtle romance.
Sket Dance – Good combination of comedy and drama.
Tonari no Atashi – Worth it just for the ending.
Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari – Because I love PSME. Although it has a sequel now, too.

Older series that I’d like to be released

Aries – Just an awesome shoujo based on Greek mythology.
Bara no Versailles – I recognize parodies and homages, but I would like to read the original. Thanks, Udon Entertainment!
Candy Candy – Not likely to happen with the creators’ dispute, but a great series.
Cat’s Eye – So 80’s but so much fun.
Suna no Shiro – Hauntingly beautiful. Could spend hours doing analyses of the characters.

Rereleases and Rescues:
Series than need a second chance

Gakuen Alice – Though the storyline hits a wall in later volumes, it doesn’t deserve to be unfinished.
Immortal Rain (Meteor Methuselah) – It’s like a shoujo Trigun.
Mars – One of the first releases unflipped by Tokyopop. So good more people need to read it.
Red River – It’s out-of-print, so I really regret not picking it up.
School Rumble – Let the insanity continue! Thanks, Kodansha Comics!

Almost Anything Authors:
Authors with an alarming lack of English releases

AOKI Kotomi: BokuKimi versus KanoUso…tough choice if I could only pick one.
FUKUYAMA Ryoko: Unique art style and lots of sarcastic characters.
YAZAWA Ai: Seriously, why haven’t more of her works been released here? Money issues?

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