Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXIV

Final Fantasy VII

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Otherwise, let’s go!

Status effects, chain bombs, undead cactuses, what could the gimmick be here?

How about a pincer battle with two Final Fantasy superbosses?

That Barrage damage is incredible. It missed in the video above, but it uses the same attack animation as Highwind. That means 18 hits at 1500 damage each. My team can only take about three or four hits before dying. Machines are pretty resistant to status effects, so I thought I’d have to do a blitzkreig on Omega before he uses it. Shinryu mostly helps out, but he still can attack the party.

I had to cheat and look up the answer: Stop. Wouldn’t have guessed.

I then thought, okay, why not take out Shinryu first. Yes, he hits Omega hard, but if Omega can be Stopped, why not take out the one who can actually hurt us?

Well, that plan was terrible. Shinryu gets really nasty as his HP goes down, and it’s just too much to keep one character on Stop duty all the time. In particular, he uses Zombie Breath late in the fight. Basically, any KO’d character is a zombie and can’t be revived. That means keeping HP high and MBarrier is a must.

Eventual plan was Quadra Magic-Hydro and Mime for Shinryu, Tifa had Elemental-Choco/Mog for the Wind element in her weapon, and Yuffie could help out with Magic Breath (Wind element). Shinryu’s Level ? Flare is not Fire element, so I have no idea how it can be reduced. The Dragon Lord can also cast an Old spell, reducing physical attacks to Mini levels, and I did not want Tifa to be hit by this.

A couple of losses were due to bad luck, but one in particular was a big blunder on my part: I cast Stop on Cloud instead of Omega. Darn targeting system!

Take a look at this surprise ending. Seriously, I know most of you skip the videos, but this one is the one to watch even if it’s a bit long.

Speed: 2x


MOST EPIC VICTORY EVER. I’m a straight female, but anyone know where I can buy a Tifa is Bae shirt? I saw those damage numbers from Shinryu, and I was saying, “Okay, this fight is impossible right now, no way I can reduce that damage!” But Tifa FTW!! It was only after I reviewed the fight that I realized the damage at the end wasn’t halved, so it definitely wouldn’t be impossible. Would just always have to make sure MBarrier is good before an attack, especially a long one like Tifa’s Limit.

Plus, unlike some of my runs, Yuffie learned a new Enemy Skill. Nice bonus. It took me a few attempts before I tossed a Dirty Bomb on a lark, but surprise surprise, it worked. Haste is a bit dangerous, but it also means more attacks on Omega plus a butt load of Poison damage. Considering even Magic Breath only did around 1,000 each time, that 800 is a nice chunk of change, let alone when it’s double. Meant to cast Haste right away, but I guess I forget this time around. Honestly had no idea Shinryu was down that low. Felt like I hardly touched him versus some of my earlier tries. Thanks, Poison!

Also so glad I absorbed Earth element. First I thought Fire element was enough since he has a Fire attack too, but his Earthquake is just so dangerous.

I’m also realizing how amazing Renew is. Don’t have to worry about whether you should be casting Life or Cure. Sure, there’s Angel Whisper in the original game, but often by the time you learn it, you have or almost have Final Attack. Or White Wind since all three party members can have it.

Okay, I’ll do the forest real quickly since I find it boring and kind of creepy. (Ew, bugs!)

Go through to the end, and there’s a box there. Don’t know what I was thinking opening it… Oh, yeah, I just assumed the Boss would be in the cave with a save point. Nope.

This is what happens when you bring your C level Materia to an A level fight.

Go through the forest again… nope, Ochu nailed me with some instant death hits.

Third time, I was NOT going to have to do this STUPID FOREST AGAIN. Almost equipped KOTR just so I wouldn’t see the blob’s ugly face. I put an extra Barrier Materia on Tifa so that Yuffie could immediately set up with Death Force. Wasn’t sure if Ochu’s main attack was Wind-based, but protecting from status effects was more important. Everyone guarded against Sleep, and I had Confusion protection on Yuffie and some Dual protection, although the latter could be countered with Regen.

Wasn’t much to that Berserk mode. Wanted to have Wall up in case of a final attack, but how anti-climatic considering what a pain the rest of the fight is. I was almost afraid to use elemental spells in case they healed him. You would think a plant would be weak to fire and strong against water, but in vanilla, it’s opposite. I put Command Counter-Mime just to see how well it would work out. Not too bad, didn’t get any really bad copied actions here.

To Junon!

KO KOunter: 78

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    No enemy can withstand the power of gambling. Be careful what you type online. People are going to start drawin g Krystalina x Tifa doujins.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      ? Still wouldn’t be the weirdest thing I’ve seen on the Internet.
      But darn it, I’d rather pair up with Reeve. He can make toys come to life! Or Kunsel from Crisis Core. He’s a nice guy. But sorry, Aerith and Yuffie, Tifa’s going to be *my* BFF.


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